Facebook Marketing Facebook Cover Photos

5 Examples of great Facebook cover photos

Ever since Facebook updated their timeline layout so the Facebook cover photo appears at the top of every section of your Facebook profile, people have been paying a lot more attention to this valuable piece of real estate.

Many small business marketers are aware of the importance of having a great cover image, but with all the other demands on their time, have trouble thinking of creative image ideas. If that’s you, check out the companies below for some inspiration. We’ve highlighted what’s great about their FB cover photos:

1. Make sure your Facebook profile picture doesn’t overlap with your cover photo by selecting an image where the subject is closer to the right side, like Warby Parker. 


2. Combine your profile picture and your cover image by aligning certain elements that make them look like one image, like Sprite.


3. Create plenty of contrast between your Facebook cover photo and your profile picture, especially is your picture is your company’s logo, like Airbnb.


4. Show people interacting with your brand in a way that speaks to you company’s purpose (and shows off your product at the same time) like TOMS.


5. If you sell a physical product, get creative and make your profile picture into a label that you “stick” onto your cover photo, like A.1.!