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Facebook design tips

Facebook advertising is becoming more and more important as the ability to reach your audience with organic posts continually declines. However, exuding meaningful effort into both methods is essential for success.

In order to make every post, organic or paid, most effective you must heavily focus on Facebook design.

The term Facebook design is used since the social network has particular design rules that optimize your visual posts.

Here’s a breakdown of the rules for Organic and Paid:

Organic Facebook Design:

  • Keep image dimensions between 400 x 300 pixels and 800 x 600 pixels for maximum resolution and News Feed real estate.
  • Assign image credit (the source of where you found your image) on the image to reduce the need of more text for your post –a plain image can potentially gain more reach than an image with text.
  • Use colors that are attention grabbing and do not conflict with each other – colors that grab your audience’s attention will be more engagement (likes, comments, shares) worthy!

Paid Facebook Design:

  • Keep image dimensions specifically to 470 x 394 pixels to meet Facebook Ad requirements.
  • Ads and sponsored stories may not include images with more than 20% text. This can be the trickiest to follow – so be careful!
  • Avoid spam-like Facebook designs which could end up in Facebook’s rejects pile.

Here’s a breakdown of what Facebook requires of your paid ads right from their Help Center:


Remember, this is just for your Promoted Posts in the News Feed. These dimensions can change for your Mobile, Right-Side Newsfeed, or Page Post images.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, try using Pagemodo Post Designer to help with your image woes. The images are organic post-ready and have a variety of templates to choose from to meet your Facebook design needs.

In just a matter of minutes, you can create beautiful visual posts that enhance your content strategy – just keep to the rules explained above!