Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Create a Facebook fan page

When you are ready to start growing your brand, one of the best ways to get your name out there is to create a Facebook Fan Page, also called a Facebook Business Page, or sometimes just a Facebook Page. And while the name has evolved over time, the concept of a Facebook Page has stayed the same.

A Facebook Page is the social hub for everything relating to a brand. Before you create a Facebook Page, you’ll be asked to decide which of these things your brand represents. The choices you’ll see are local business or place; company, organization, or institution; brand or product; artist, band or public figure; entertainment; and cause or community.


Bear in mind that if you don’t feel like the page you want to create fits into any of these categories, then it might not need a Facebook Fan Page at all – it might be a Facebook Group instead. While a Page is meant to be the official hub of information and engagement with an entity, a Facebook Group is intended for communities of people who are not necessarily affiliated with an entity to share thoughts, news, and ideas about a common interest.

If you decide that it is a Page that you need, it’s time to claim it. Not sure how to create a Facebook Fan Page? It’s easy to get started.

1. Log in to your personal Facebook account.
2. Click the down arrow on the far right side of the blue top navigation bar.
3. Select ‘Create Page’ and you’ll be taken to the list of page type options.
4. Choose a business category and page name, and you’re all set!