Make a Facebook Page

Stop Losing Business, Make a Facebook Page Today!

Stop Losing Business, Make a Facebook Page!

As quickly as fashion styles go out of season, Facebook makes changes just as sporadically. From groups to chat to privacy settings, keeping up with the ever-changing Facebook can be a daily job. But Pagemodo is here to help you make a Facebook Page no matter what time of the year it is or the changes Facebook implements in the wee hours of the evening.

There are many reasons to make a Facebook page. Some are for individual consultants; others are created for businesses while some companies use an individual page for products. You may be a small business owner, working from a home office and the CEO of your family all the time realizing you need a Facebook Page for your business to grab potential clients. Or maybe you're a graphic designer who loves the freedom of self-employment and the luxury to pick and choose the days you work. Regardless who you are and what your business is, making a Facebook Page should be part of your business plan.

Now the tough decision: what do you name your page? How do you want to advertise your services? Do you want fans of a specific product like infographics or do you name your page using your brand or company name? These are a few questions to ask before beginning to make a Facebook Page.

Deciding on your page name is a huge deal. You want fans to find you and you want your offerings to be easily displayed for any visitor. Making it easy for the potential fan to know within a few seconds what your business can offer them is a reason to create a Facebook Page. It is another way to market your business and connect with people who may not find you from a basic Google search. Make a custom Facebook page today.

Without realizing the power of a Facebook Page, here is an example of what can happen. Gina is looking for a graphic designer so she posts in her status for suggestions. A connection points her to your Facebook Page which offers graphic design services. Due to your prolific personality, you have a stylin', unique welcome tab which displays your creative skills and Gina clicks "Like". Then Gina posts a comment on your wall and not only does her "Like" show in her friend's news stream but so does her comment and now the potential of another 300 people may become fans of your business.

Having a presence on Facebook for your business is a must! Pagemodo makes it easy for you to show your potential clients how important first impressions and that first click is to growing and engaging your following.