Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Posting Tips for Facebook and More

Everyone knows that social media is an important part of any marketing plan. And the more profiles you have, the more you stand to gain.

But before you run out and make profiles on every single platform, remember: quality over quantity. You should only have profiles on as many sites as you can run well. That’s why this presentation will focus on four of the most visible.

Why Post Social Content?
There are three main goals marketers aim to achieve by posting and sharing content.

  1. To gain exposure for a brand through social discovery and amplification
  2. To bolster a brand’s rank in search engines through backlinks
  3. To engage, delight, and build loyalty with fans and followers


5 Top Posting Tips


  • Want to drive engagement? Contests get people talking.
  • Make your posts visual to get more likes, comments, and shares.
  • Post positively. Positive messages/emotions get more likes.
  • Post 2-3 times a day. Check out your insights to find the best times.
  • Get comments by posting questions and fill-in-the-blank updates.

Source: Pagemodo, Mashable


  • Pinterest is about the lifestyles of users. Do not self-promote.
  • Post visual representations of your business, products, and brad.
  • Share things that would be helpful to your followers.
  • Go red! Images with red get up to twice as many re-pins.
  • Post anytime outside of 5pm to 7pm. Avoid dinnertime.

Source: MyCleverAgency


  • Win friends so you can influence people – network!
  • Join or create groups that are relevant to your brand.
  • Post engaging updates about 20 times per month on your page.
  • Know the LinkedIn audience. They tend to be tech-savvy and entrepreneurial.
  • Keep it short and to the point.

Source: LinkedIn


  • Include links, images, and videos to drive re-tweets.
  • Keep it short. 140 characters is a limit – not a goal.
  • Tweet 3-5 times a day to avoid getting drowned out.
  • Network with other users through replies and re-tweets.
  • Monitor trends and participate whenever you can. Just make sure it makes sense for your brand!

Source: Twitter

While there isn’t just one end-all-be-all answer for what will work for your own social media marketing strategy, these are great tips to help you get started.

So for the more advanced marketer – you can expand to more social networks, A/B test your social posts, and calculate your social ROI to make more thoughtful, powerful and strategic decisions.