Facebook Marketing Promotions on Facebook

Social Media Posting Playbook

To succeed on social media, you need to pay close attention to what you are posting and the engagement your posts draw. So while some will say that ‘going viral’ takes a bit of luck, we think there are general patterns you can follow to appeal to your fans and followers.

We studied the effectiveness of Facebook and Twitter posts by thousands of real Pagemodo users to bring you the emerging social posting patterns to help boost your social media engagement.

In what we like to call The Posting Playbook, we guide you on what, when, and how to post based on common social media marketing goals.



  1. Get Retweeted
    1. Post Photos
    2. Avoid video and link posts
  2. Get My Facebook Posts Shared
    1. Post more videos
    2. Post in the middle of the week
  3. Get My Tweets Favorited
    1. Tweet more images
    2. Throw in some text-only tweets
  4. Get More Likes on My Facebook Post
    1. Post more images
    2. Mention holidays
    3. Post on weekends
  5. Get Maximum Engagement on Text Posts
    1. Facebook posts with the most likes and shares were 500-700 characters
    2. Tweets with the most favorites and retweets were 40-120 characters

Should I TGIF?
Yes, but on Facebook. Facebook users appear to be more excited for the weekend than Twitter users!

  • 30% more likes on Facebook posts that mention “Friday” than those that don’t.
  • 18% fewer favorites on tweets that mention “Friday.”

Are #Hashtags Still a Thing?

  • Using hashtags results in a 120% boost on Twitter.
  • Using hashtags on Facebook lowers engagement by 22%.

For a winning social media strategy try scheduling your posts to publish more frequently, and use tools like Post Designer for more visually-appealing image posts!