Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Small Business Social Media Tools

Social media marketing is only one aspect of your business. And whether you’re just getting started or finally getting serious, building a small business is easier if you have the right tools. Put in the effort to find the best tools for your business at the beginning, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time in the long run.

To help you get started, we’ve put together examples of the categories of tools you should be putting in your small business toolkit.


Website Tools

Website Building: Webs
Customer Experience: Crazy Egg
Image Editing, Design: Photoshop
Traffic Driving: Moz (formerly SEOmoz)

Social Media Tools

Content Curating: Pagemodo Posts
Page Design: Pagemodo
Image Management: Pingraphy
Engagement Analytics: Linktally

Marketing Tools

Marketing Promotion: Vistaprint
Email Marketing: Constant Contact
Display Advertising: Google AdWords
Relationship Management: ContactMe

Utility Tools

Website Analytics: Google Analytics
Cloud File Sharing: Dropbox
Financial Management: FreshBooks
Personal Organization: Evernote

These are just a sampling of all the great tools available to you. Find more ideas by searching the internet and networking with other small business owners just like you!