Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Small Business Facebook Trends

Since there are new social platforms joining the world daily, it is hard for small business owners to keep up with which networks are the most important to establish a presence on.

So we went straight to the source.

In a recent survey of over 2,200 small business owners in the United States, you will see that Facebook is the dominant social media profile used across businesses for digital marketing.


According to the survey (conducted by Vistaprint):

  • 63% of small businesses use digital products as part of their marketing strategy.
  • 59% of site owners created their websites with DIY tools.
  • 80% of site owners are their own webmasters.
  • 88% of businesses with social profiles use Facebook for their marketing, followed in order by LinkedIn (39%), Twitter (31%), Google+ (22%), Pinterest (20%), and YouTube (17%).

But it is important to always keep one question in mind; ‘where is my audience?’

This question will dictate your decisions of where to join in the digital (and social) marketing trends as technology continues to evolve.

For example, as social media networks become a more pay-to-play market, we saw 65% of small businesses with Facebook profiles answer that they are using or are considering the use of Facebook advertising.

So what will be your next digital and social move? Try visiting Pagemodo to help you make your decision.

*Pagemodo is a part of the Webs marketing platform, which is a subsidiary of Vistaprint.