Facebook Marketing Getting Started

How to Post on Facebook

Best practices for posting on Facebook have proven to be a moving target for marketers. This is especially problematic for small business owners who have limited time to devote to social media marketing.

We’ve put together the latest findings on what to post and when to post it, so you can manage your Facebook page and get back to business.


Why You Should Post
When you post great content, your followers will engage with it by liking, sharing and commenting.

Aside from endearing people to your brand, engaging content drives social discovery through amplification. And all those extra pairs of eyes can quickly translate into more likes, more leads, and more customers for your business.

What to Post
Facebook uses a complex algorithm called EdgeRank to determine which posts will be seen by the most users based on the engagement each type typically receives. Research has shown that visual posts get the most likes, comments, and share over all.

  • Average Likes for Photos: 26
  • Average Likes for a Status: 18
  • Average Likes for Videos: 13
  • Average Likes for Links: 6

Users also seem to react differently to positive and negative subject matter.(1)

Positive posts get more “Likes” & negative posts get more comments. (2)

  • Best statuses and image captions are less than 80 characters. (3)
  • Want comments? Ask a question or fill-in-the-blank (92% increase). (3)
  • Caption this photo posts get 5.5x more comments. (3)
  • Calls to action get 45% higher interaction. (3)

When to Post It
While experts agree that the best days to post vary by industry, there are definitely some overall trends. Such as posting between 8pm and 7am get a 14% higher interaction rate. (3) What makes the best days and times to post?

The sweet spot will be the time when many of your followers are active, but there isn’t so much content being posted that you get lost in the shuffle.

Wednesday is the worst day for posting, while Saturday and Sunday are the best.

Posting 2-3 times a day keeps your fans engaged without hogging their news feeds.

An easy way to manage your content is to find a savvy tool like Pagemodo Posts that will help keep to this suggested posting schedule. The tool provides examples of content, and allows you to schedule your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts in advance. It is a great time-saving tool to help a busy social media marketer reach their marketing goals.

For more specific pieces of Facebook marketing advice, visit our Facebook for Business social media marketing guide.



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