Facebook Marketing Getting Started

10 Facebook Timeline Tips for Small Business

As a small business, you know it’s important to have a Facebook presence. Millions of people like brands on Facebook, and being a small business gives you more personal connections and likability.

You want to make sure your timeline is the best it can be to maximize Facebook’s benefit for you. Here are ten ways you can do that.

1. Pick a Good Profile and Cover Photo

These photos are going to be your first impression. Your profile photo can be a company logo or mascot, but your cover can be more creative. You can use a team photo, product display or design something specific for this purpose.

2. Use a Cover Call-to-Action

You have the option to put a button in the lower right corner of your cover. The button can link to a webpage of your choosing. Button options include:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

You can also include the URL of the mobile version of the webpage, if applicable.

3. Pay Attention to Image Sizes

You want your images to look good, so pay attention to sizes. Here are the sizes of commonly used images:

  • Profile: 180×180 pixels
  • Cover: 851 px wide and 351 px tall
  • Shared images: 1200×1200 px

4. Use Apps

There are plenty of apps you can connect your Facebook page with, and these apps can appear at the top with tabs and also have their own section in the column on the left.

One app that’s good to include is the option to sign up to your email newsletter. Most email marketing service providers will have an app you can use to connect the two.

5. Add Milestones

Milestone posts have a very prominent display with a photo, headline, date, location and other details. Business milestones can be a new product launch, achievements or special events.

6. Highlight Posts

One way you can bring attention to important content is by highlighting a post. To do this, simply click on the edit icon in the upper right corner of your post and click the “Highlight” option. This will add a star mark in the upper right corner.

7. Pin Posts

Pinning¬†is another way to draw attention to a particular post. When you pin a post, it appears at the top of your timeline. You can only pin one post at a time, and that post will remain pinned for seven days, or until you unpin it. To pin, click on the edit icon in the upper right corner and select “Pin to Top.” And orange tag in the upper right corner will note a pinned post.

Because a pinned post is at the top, it’s good to post something that will benefit first-time visitors.

8. Set Your Featured Tabs

You can have three tabs listed on your main page, the rest will be kept under the “More” option.

9. Respond to Comments Quickly

Whenever people comment on your posts or photos, be sure to reply promptly. This is especially true if it’s a question or complaint, but even complimentary posts deserve a “thank you.”

10. Add Videos

Videos are rising in popularity, with Facebook users posting 75% more videos than they were a year ago. Creating brief but entertaining videos will allow you to connect with users on the medium they enjoy.

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