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Facebook timeline cover photos

When setting up and using your Facebook account, it’s important to understand how the Facebook timeline and cover photosare related.  The cover photo appears at the top of the page, and essentially anchors the timeline.  Most people and businesses consider it to be more “timeless”—something that is representative of your personal brand or business.  You should think of the cover photo as the cover to a book or album.

Alternatively, the timeline itself (in this analogy) would be all of the content within the book.  The timeline includes all of your activities:  photo uploads, status updates, posts on friends’ walls, etc.  The timeline is like a real time diary of your life on Facebook.

By default, the cover photo lives at the top of your timeline.  Strategically, you want to make sure that your Facebook cover photo and timeline are aligned and portray a consistent brand image to your customers.  Pagemodo can help you design more professional looking timeline cover photos, with several different layout options and design recommendations.