Facebook Marketing Promotions on Facebook

How to create a Facebook sweepstakes

A common promotion sweeping the Facebook platform (pun intended) is Facebook sweepstakes. Sweepstakes, or contests, are a great way to boost visibility and engagement amongst your Facebook audience.

Lucky for you, Pagemodo has a Facebook sweepstakes tool, called Contests that can help you set up the perfect promotion.

Your contest can be created in five easy steps.

  1. Choose Your Theme: Do you want to do a giveaway, photo, essay or video contest? What about offering special coupons or discounts? This is the step where you decide how you want to get your audience engaged with your brand.
  2. Modify Your Theme: Customization is at your leisure in this step of the process. Make your contest page represent your brand, and have the layout that satisfies the designer in you.
  3. Edit Your Content: Give the details about your Facebook sweepstakesand follow Facebook contest rules. (Don’t worry, Pagemodo automatically fills out a Terms&Conditions guideline for you, but feel free to add rules in this step!)
  4. Like Gate: Facebook used to give the permission for you to add ‘Like Gates’ to your contest. This way, for an audience member to participate they would have to ‘Like’ your page first. Facebook recently dismissed this feature – so this feature will remain on the “OFF” switch for now.
  5. Publish: In this step, you can preview what your Facebook sweepstakespage will look like on Facebook. You’ll be able to title the tab as it will show on your page, and even add a custom icon. Once you are happy with how your contest looks, just click PUBLISH!

This Contests tool also makes it incredibly easy to keep up with your contest entries. In the Contests tab you can see who has entered, their entry contents, and even select a random winner! There are also features that allow you to keep track of your favorites and manually select a winner if your contest has more restrictions. Finally, there is a handy ‘Download CSV’ tool that will compile the entries into an Excel document for easy sharing amongst team members.

Just keep in mind when building your contest; the purpose is to intrigue your audience members, but to stay true to your brand. Holding a Facebook sweepstakes just to gain followers by giving away a car does nothing for promoting your brand (unless your business deals with cars). Think more along the lines of giving away company ‘swag’ or some of your sample products or services to provide an experience with your brand and an opportunity for your audience to want more!

Hosting a Facebook sweepstakes or contest is easy with the proper tools. So use Pagemodo Contests and enjoy your increased engagement!