Facebook Marketing Getting Started

How to make a Facebook business page

When you’re first learning about how to make a Facebook Business Page, all of the terminology can get confusing. Below, you’ll find a diagram should help clear up the parts of a Facebook Page, as well as tips for making the most of each section. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to having to having an engaging, effective business page on Facebook.


1. Cover Photo
The cover photo is your Facebook page’s billboard. Use this space creatively to tell the world something about your brand and the way people interact with it. You can include a small amount of copy here, but try not to over-use text on your cover photo. It should be simple, graphic, and eye-catching. With Facebook’s recent timeline update, the cover photo now shows up on every section of your page, so make sure to show it some love.

2. Profile Picture
If your Facebook Page is for a business (as opposed to a public figure), this space should be used for your logo. The profile picture appears over the cover photo in full size, and also alongside all of your posts at a much smaller size. Make sure whatever you use here still translates when it’s shrunken down.

3. Fan Count
Not much customization you can do here, but there is a lot you can do to drive that number up! Consider a Facebook Contest as a great way to get people to share your content and like your page.

4. Business Details
Also known as your ‘About’ section, this is where you should put the most important things about your business that you want potential fans to know at a glance. You can put more details in your full profile text, but reserve this space for the highlights. It’s also good to include your web address here!

5. Custom App Images
When Facebook recently updated its timeline, the individual images for your Facebook Apps were moved from just below the cover photo down to this box. If you are using apps that you can customize the images for, make sure you do it! This is a great piece of real estate and shouldn’t be wasted.

6. Posted Photos
Great imagery is key to an engaging Facebook presence. You should regularly post photos of your products, your place of business, your staff, and graphic designs that you create for events and promotions at your business. Everything you post will be kept in this section in chronological order.

7. Mini Timeline
When something important happens in the life of your business, make sure you add a timeline event for it. It helps people engage in the history of your brand, and it gets automatically organized by year in your timeline and mini timeline.

8. Name and Category
This seems like it should be easy, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid. First, when naming your company, be aware that Facebook users frequently search Facebook for the brands they want to interact with. They rarely go to the company’s website, find their Facebook link, and follow through. So be sure your Facebook Page name is as simple and accurate as possible. Picking your category as accurately as possible is also key to searches.

9. Image Posts
As mentioned before, imagery is the most engaging form of content on Facebook. It stands out in the Facebook Timeline and is far more likely to get shared than text-only content.

10. Text Only Posts
While the advice above about image posts is generally true for the majority of Facebook Pages, the EdgeRank algorithm that Facebook uses to determine post organic reach can cause some tricky things to happen sometimes. Some page owners may find that text-only posts have more reach, but fewer comments, for example – or the other way around. Keep an eye on your analytics and see what works for you.

By now, you should feel confident that you know how to make a business page on Facebook.  So start creating now!