Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Setting up a Facebook business account

Setting up a Facebook business account is simple, and can help boost the visibility and engagement with your business.

First, you need to have a personal Facebook account, or create one. All Facebook business pages, or fan pages, must be linked to at least one personal Facebook account.

Second, to set up your Facebook business account, navigate to the “Create a Page” section of Facebook.  You’ll be asked to select the type of page you’d like to create.

Third, upon selecting the type of page, you’ll be asked questions to help fill in your profile.  Some example questions include business category, business name, and phone number.

Once your page has been created, you’ll need to select a profile picture (this will appear on your page, and will serve as the icon next to each item you post from your business account).  You should also design a cover photo (the large header image) that displays something that will resonate with your customers and prospects—some options include a collage of the products you produce, your logo, or something that evokes your place in the community. Pagemodo can provide other ideas and help you build a professional Facebook cover photo.

Finally, invite all of your current customers, friends, and community members to like your new fan page in order to grow your network and increase engagement.  Your Facebook business account is active!