Facebook Marketing Getting Started

Create a page on Facebook

It is easy to create a page on Facebook; everyone is doing it!

To create a page on Facebook you first need to create a personal account.  You can create an account on the Facebook homepage by filling in your first and last names, email address, password, date of birth and gender.  Note that by filling out the information and clicking on the “Sign Up” button, you are agreeing to Facebook’s terms of service.

Once your page has been created, you’ll need to select a profile picture (this will appear on your page, as well as the icon next to each item you post from your business account).  You should pick something that is easy to recognize, distinctive, and reflects you or your personal brand.

You should also design a cover photo—this is the large banner image that appears on the top of your personal Facebook page.  Your cover photo can be easily changed, so you can either select something that your plan to keep active for a long time (such as a personal motto or family photo) or something that is more ephemeral (a particularly beautiful picture from a recent trip).

Once you create a page on Facebook, you should post often in order to increase the things that show up on your timeline.  Posts can include thoughts, observations, status updates, images, videos, or photos.  You can also determine which of your friends can see your posts via your Facebook privacy settings.  Once you’re ready for more advanced options, Pagemodo has everything you need to create more compelling cover photos, custom tabs, and can even help you schedule posts.