Facebook Marketing Getting Started

How to create a business Facebook page

Your business has found that a majority of your audience is active on Facebook, so now what?
You must have a presence on Facebook and engage with that audience!

Here’s how to create a business Facebook page:

First, you must have a personal Facebook account, or create one. All Facebook business pages are managed by at least one personal Facebook account.

Next, visit Facebook’s Create A Page section for a wizard that will help you figure out how to create a Facebook business page. The first question you’ll answer is which type of page you’d like to create (business, brand, public figure, etc.). In doing so, you’ll fill out your business category, name, location and phone number to help you in building your profile.

From here, fill out your “About” section. These sections will help your organic search results:

  • Short Description: This 157 character text box should include a short bio of your business. Try including your website URL, since this is all that’s seen on your page until “About” is clicked.
  • Mission: Share what purpose you serve as a company. Be transparent and open with your Facebook audience about what you strive to achieve.
  • Company Overview: Give a high-level view of your goals, products or services that you provide.
  • Long Description: Extend upon what you wrote in your short description to give visitors a more in-depth look at your company.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can even fill out the year you were Founded, Awards you have won, and Products you provide. Some businesses even share Life Events that allow their fans to go on a journey with them through their success.

The next step in building your profile is using images to give life to your Facebook business page! First, select a profile picture that best represents your business. Businesses usually choose their logo, since it is shown on your page and as the icon displayed next to each item posted from your business page. You should also choose a cover photo. This photo is the large header image displayed above your profile. This image should be relatable to your business, collaborative with your profile picture, and eye-catching. An easy way to find such an image is to design your own with Pagemodo’s Cover Photo Designer tool. Just be sure to follow the image specs Facebook gives you for the best results.

Again, for the ambitious business owner, you can start building out Custom Tabs for your business page. These tabs may include links to other social platforms or helpful pages on your website visitors can access right from your Facebook page! It is another way to keep your fans entertained and engaged.

At last, it is time to promote! Invite customers, community members, friends and family to ‘Like’ your page. And remember to post fun, timely, and informative content to keep them coming back.

And that’s how to create a Facebook business page.