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Facebook for business

Is Facebook right for your business?  Facebook and other social platforms have different advantages based on the type of business or organization.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook for business:

Local reach:  For small, local businesses, Facebook can serve as the hub of your online interactions with customers and prospects.  It has become a very popular platform, cutting across all types of audiences.  No matter the size or profile of your community, chances are some of them are using Facebook.

Real time updates:  While most businesses will only update their website once or twice a year (if that often!), Facebook allows businesses to share updates with followers several times a day.  Landscapers can share photos of their latest patio remodels, and design companies can display their latest creations—all in real time.

Community-building:  Facebook for business isn’t just about status updates.  Many businesses effectively use Facebook to engage their community and customer base by asking questions, making observations, or serving polls.  All of this helps deepen the relationship between your business and your Facebook community.

Low cost:  Facebook is a low cost way to share information about your business, including latest product or service offers, staffing news, contests and promotions.  Once you become proficient at posting on Facebook, it is also very fast and gratifying as your followers and conversations grow.

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