Facebook Page for Business Use

Small Business Owner: Facebook for Business Use?

Small Businesses: Facebook for Business Use?

Creating a Facebook Page for your business isn't about keeping up with a trend or just adding to your already-lengthy to-do list. Savvy business owners can harness the power of Facebook and use it as a tool to boost their bottom line or add value to their business at little-to-no cost.

Here are some ways to use Facebook for business use and get value out of the time you invest into it:

  • Save money on marketing: Most email providers will charge you to stay in contact with your customers. You can save by using your Facebook Page to inform and update your customers.
  • Get market research without the high cost of surveys and focus groups. Facebook business pages provide you with free demographic information on your following, geographic information of fans and engagement rates on each wall post so you know which messages are resonating.
  • Brand your company without having to hire an ad agency or buy expensive media spots on TV and radio. Customize your Facebook page, and use your updates to help, inform, educate or entertain your following.
  • Take networking beyond a Chamber of Commerce event. Communicate with other brands and influencers publicly on Facebook by sharing wall posts, commenting on wall posts and tagging posts, and gain exposure to others' followings by doing so.
  • Pare down the customer service phone calls you have to handle by responding to customers on Facebook. Answer their questions; help solve their problems, and manage sales and service.
  • Be proactive about managing your reputation, and save the cost of a pricey PR agency that handles crises. Simply having a presence on Facebook and being responsive to your fans will help you identify and tame negative sparks before they become a wildfire.
  • Increase traffic to your company's website by using Facebook as a new traffic source.

If your business already has seasonal sales, special offers, community events or mentions in the media, this gives you even more reason to get on Facebook so you can start bragging about the great things you're already doing! Facebook is the ideal outlet to feature your exciting offline activities online.