Facebook Business Page

The Creation of a Facebook Business Page

The Creation of a Facebook Business Page

Small business owners new to social media tend to wonder how to make a page on Facebook that's effective and valuable for their business.

Facebook provides helpful tools for your business at little-to-no cost. Whether you want to showcase sales, deals or new product launches, keep in contact with your customers, handle customer service issues or send more visitors to your business' website, Facebook provides a platform to manage those business functions. If you already use Facebook, create a custom business Facebook page now.

Creating a Facebook business page is actually easier than you think. The interface is user-friendly, and you'll find it very intuitive to use. Just in case you want a little guidance, here are step-by-step instructions that explain exactly how to make a page on Facebook:

  • Visit "create a page" on Facebook.
  • Choose a page type that best represents you. Are you a local business, an institution, a product, a local band or a non-profit?
  • Choose a subcategory from a drop-down menu beyond your page type to further classify your business.
  • Name you page, and choose carefully. At this point, your page name cannot be changed. Giving your page your business or product name is a safe bet.
  • Accept Facebook's terms.
  • Click "Get started."
  • Select "I already have a Facebook account" if you have a personal page.
  • Select "I do not have a Facebook account" if you don't have a personal page, and fill out the information necessary; then confirm your email address.
  • Populate your page with content. The "Information" tab is a good place to start. Identify your business, products and information you'd like to share about your company.

Now you're ready for the fun part. Customizing your Facebook page to reflect your brand's personality and your business' objective is rewarding. With Pagemodo, you can create a welcome page that new visitors see when they arrive at your Facebook Page, a coupon page for your fans or even a contact page so you can capture valuable data that can help you turn a visitor into a frequent shopper and customer. And these features won't break the bank. Some are free, and plans with more features and capabilities range from just $6.25 per month to $33.25 per month.

Whatever plan or feature you choose for your page, you can bet that it will be easy to set up … no design skills or technical knowledge required. Get started now!

Create a custom Facebook business page for free!