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Whether you’re an internet whiz or you struggle to navigate the World Wide Web, Facebook Ads are a straightforward and profitable way to get into the realm of social media marketing.

Many small businesses rely on just one or more people to complete a multitude of responsibilities. All too often, marketing gets left behind because there’s no-one on board with the confidence to design and follow through on a campaign. If you run such a company, or are concerned that your boss is missing out on a big opportunity, now is the time to think about Facebook Ads.

With Facebook Advertising, you answer a lot of the potential issues that may have been stopping you from promoting your company to its full potential. Facebook Ads are cheap, easy to make, and carefully targeted, and it’s simple to assess the success of your campaign while it’s going and once it’s done.

If you’re not confident in what you’re doing, you can always ask someone else to help you. No special knowledge is needed to create the actual campaign – as long as you know how to use Facebook. Indeed, the only specialist knowledge you might need to apply, is defining the purpose of your campaign. Do you want to raise the profile of your company, or increase sales? Will a single, eye-catching image be more effective, or would you rather make a video that introduces new customers to your product?

Designing your ad is like making a post. Upload your images or video, and add a headline and tagline to let customers know what they’re looking at. Facebook will help you design a ‘call to action’ button to ensure that interested viewers don’t stray away without acting on the advertisement.

For an up-to-date guide on how to create your first Facebook ad, try working through the Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising infographic below. It’s the best way to bring your business into the digital world of advertising.

Courtesy of: Headway Capital

About the Author: G. John Cole is a digital nomad, digital marketer, and freelance writer. A native Englishman, he is always on the move, but can most commonly spotted in Norway, the UK and the Balkans. Follow him LinkedIn and Twitter.


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