To be honest, we’re a little sad to say goodbye to 2013. It was truly one of our most exciting years yet here at Pagemodo. The feedback we gleaned from customers and industry experts helped us create some exciting tools that can really have an impact for our users and their businesses.  Today we’re going to review those new tools as part of our series looking back at what happened in the social media space in 2013.

In March, we were delighted to finally release Pagemodo Posts, which really introduced a new role for Pagemodo in our users’ marketing efforts. With custom tabs and cover photos, we were primarily helping users improve the look, feel and functionality of their Facebook business pages. With Posts, however, we wanted to improve the way that brands communicate with their followers. Posts makes it easier for marketers to find, share, and schedule high-quality content from across the web, improving the experience of content sharing for the marketing and the Facebook audience.

Based on the response we got from users, in June we reloaded Posts and launched new functionality that offered even more convenience for marketers. We included more Suggested Content options geared toward Engagement, Business, and Casual updates. We also made it easier to share images, and added a database of holiday, seasonal, and quotation updates to choose from.

July brought another exciting launch for marketers – Contests! As Facebook becomes a more and more competitive space for brands, marketers have to figure out how to maintain engagement with audiences. That means ramping up the virality and excitement of the things they share with followers. And one of the most engaging things you can post on Facebook is a contest. The Contests and Sweepstakes tool makes it easy to set up, design, and administer, and track the success of contests.

Also in July, we expanded our Facebook custom tabs offerings to include tabs for showing off Instagram and Pinterest feeds directly on Facebook. They provide a quick, easy way for business owners to give their followers a 360 degree experience of their brand on one social media platform.

Lastly, in October we launched another tool for marketers that our product team is particularly excited about. Post Designer is really geared toward giving small business owners and marketers even footing with bigger brands that have the budget for designers and photographers. The customizable templates in Post Designer allow users to create effective, eye-catching promotions and post them directly to Facebook. These pieces of visual content are super engaging – whether it’s for a sale, a new product, or just for fun.

But enough about us – did your business have any big successes in 2013 you’d like to share? Post in the comments below!

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Pagemodo. Loves social media, branding, whales. Get more from Sarah on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

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