Growing your business means increasing revenue and number of customers. Facebook allows you to reach customers you might not reach otherwise. It also allows you to portray your business in a different way than you would in other forms of marketing. You may want to do this because your audience on Facebook is different from the audiences that interact with your other marketing efforts. Below are four key elements to using Facebook as a business growth tool:

  1. Separate your business from your personal profile. People looking for products or services probably want to learn about your business, not necessarily about you personally. You should have a different dynamic with your own friends rather than your customers. While it is true that one of the reasons for going on Facebook is to get friends to be customers, as your business grows you’ll want to take on a more professional persona which appeals to a wider audience.  The problem for many Facebook business users is that they are used to using Facebook for themselves and don’t realize that they have to start using Facebook in a more professional manner.
  2. Practice two-way communication with your customers through Facebook. Successful businesses speak to customers directly. Engage with your customer base to determine how they feel about you—ask them how they like the latest product you added or ask them their opinion about the latest trend in your industry. Get them talking to you. Perhaps even more importantly, you should be listening to your customers’ opinions. If your customers are unhappy, you can learn from them to make changes that will improve your business. If they are happy, you’ll continue to move your business along the same path to success. A successful business is a business that reaches out to its customers with regular changes to content and imagery based on customer feedback.  Facebook is an ideal platform to interact regularly with customers, so make use of it!
  3. Facebook Fan Page does not equal your website: Understand that your Facebook business page is not just a Facebook version of your website. Remember, the people who use Facebook heavily are very different from the people who use it intermittently. A heavy Facebook user may be interested in different products or services you offer outside of your main customer base. If this is the case, it might mean offering completely different services on your Facebook business page than you do elsewhere, or at least emphasizing different ones.
  4. Extensively link to the other areas of your business. If you have a website, link to it regularly. If you have a Twitter feed link to it as well. And of course have those feeds link back to your Facebook business page. The point in all of this is to allow your customers to reach you in whatever medium they feel most comfortable. A customer may prefer to “like” you on Facebook rather than send you an email via your webpage telling you they enjoyed working with you.

So there you have it. Use Facebook to expand your business and move it forward!

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