Do you have co-workers or clients who also need to manage a Pagemodo tab?  We’re happy to announce an exciting new feature – Admin Editing. Now, your Facebook admins can access and edit your Pagemodo tabs!

The Admin Editing feature allows Pagemodo tabs to be edited by anyone who has Facebook admin privileges to that page.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a business with more than one employee, you now have the ability to have them all contribute to managing and editing  a Pagemodo tab.  You’ll no longer have to share logins to grant them access.

If you’re an agency or designer working with clients (and have upgraded to the Agency package), your clients can edit their published tab through a  new white-label version of the Pagemodo tab editor. You’ll no longer have to share logins or even let your client know that you are using the Pagemodo editor.

How does it work?

This feature is available to all users, including Free, Basic, Pro, and Agency levels. However, only the Agency package has access to the white label version. To access the feature, simply log into Pagemodo and click the Enable Admin Editing button above the area where your tabs are located in the Dashboard.  After you’ve done this, all users who have been given admin access to your Facebook fan page will be allowed to have admin access to those tabs in your Pagemodo account. The admin feature on Pagemodo is linked to admin access on Facebook. Below is a more thorough illustrated step-by-step look at the process:

First,  log into your Facebook account to add your co-worker or client as an admin. You can do this by clicking the “Edit Info” button under the page name and going to the “Manage Admins” option on the left column.

The next step is to enable Admin Editing from your Pagemodo dashboard for the page you have added the new admin to.


admin editing

You can also disable admin editing from the same location.

After admin editing is enabled, an edit button will appear for the admin in the top right when they view the Tab from Facebook.

Pagemodo page edit

Once the admin clicks the “Edit This Page” button they will be taken directly to the Pagemodo editor for that tab. The editor looks slightly different than your version because admins don’t need access to the Dashboard or account settings. They’ll only have access to that fan page’s tabs to edit.

Facebook page editor

If you want the Pagemodo branding removed from the Admin Editor, you can upgrade to the Agency package and have a complete white label experience.

admin editor white label

The white label feature is specifically for agency level users and allows them to give their customers the ability to help edit the tab themselves after its been published. Your clients will never see the Pagemodo branding.  Giving your customers administrative access to their tabs after the initial design is  is something they will very much appreciate.

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