Facebook announced last week that they will be making some changes to the ads platform. Many of these changes seem good and intuitive, but there are a few casualties that some small business marketers might be sad to see go. Below we’ve prepared a summary of the changes and a timeline of when they’ll roll out so you can make sure your social media plan is prepared

–> June, 2013

1. The number of Facebook Ad formats will be reduced in order to simplify the process of creating a campaign. Facebook states that they hope this will help marketers test and optimize their campaigns, and improver the experience of Facebook users.

–> July, 2013

2. The Questions product will be retired. Facebook found that many marketers preferred to post an image or status asking the question and allow free-form response in the form of comments.

3. The Offers product will also be removed. Marketers have begun to post an offer as the description that accompanies a link to their website, increasing traffic at the same time as offering a promotion.

–> Fall, 2013

4. The need for Sponsored Stories will be eliminated by automatically adding social context to Page Post Ads. (The article did not specify whether or not Sponsored Stories will still be available, only that it will be unnecessary.)

What do you think of the upcoming changes to Facebook’s Ad offerings? Welcome sight, or just another change to get used to?

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