A Facebook business page is different than your website in that it requires more frequent updates  to work its magic for your business. Here are five ways that will keep visitors coming back  your Facebook page:

  1. Make your Facebook business page visually appealing. The easiest way to do this is to use the design tools of a sophisticated Facebook business page builder like Pagemodo to create custom tabs. A stylish Welcome tab can make a great first impression.  Beyond custom tabs, make sure that you have uploaded your logo or another image where Facebook allows it. There’s a spot on the top left of your page as well as five images above your Wall that can make your page instantly more visually appealing.
  2. Update your Facebook business page regularly. Frequent updates will keep your visitors coming back and interesting news will more likely get shared with other Facebook users. You can post interesting information on your wall that can spark comments and conversation.  Besides your wall, you’ll want to add new  custom tabs or update the one’s you have on a regular basis.  Customers love a deal. so you could add a coupon tab or show off your location with a well-made video.
  3. Interact regularly with people who write on your wall or who contact you. It gives your business a personalized voice and it gives customers and visitors someone to talk to. A lot of people will choose to interact with a business that they have developed a personal relationship with over one they have not. Plus, a big benefit for you is to get a direct read on what your customers think about your business’ products or services. .
  4. Turn your page into part of your brand. We’ve discussed branding before (insert links), and it’s important to realize that branding should be a part of every aspect of your business’s marketing efforts. Incorporate your branding into your Facebook business page  for consistency and increased effectiveness.
  5. Make a business fan page worth visiting. This can only be done by having a business page that is sophisticated and multi-layered. Put a map on your Welcome tab to show customers  where you’re located. Create multiple tabs that showcase different elements of your business and different products. Don’t simply make a Facebook fan page that is a bland link to your business website.

So there you have it. Follow these guidelines to increase engagement and achieve success!

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