I used to run a digital recording studio in Denmark, which was a fun job. Artists came to the studio to compose music and we sold their music online. That’s where I became interested in social media, which led me to my Facebook venture with Jakob, which turned into Pagemodo. What I didn’t expect when I started on this path was how Pagemodo would put me in touch with businesses and organizations that are doing good deeds in the world.

But when I see testimonials on our Facebook wall like this one from the Friends of League City Animal Shelter….

…I feel proud that my product is helping make the world a better place. This organization is reaching more potential dog adopters with their new, spiffy,  Pagemodo-made Welcome tab:

Now when people come to the shelter’s Facebook page they are welcomed by cute pictures of happy cats and dogs, the shelter’s mission statement, and information on how to get involved. Currently they have 681 fans!

I’m also glad the South-Dakota based River of Hope Foundation used Pagemodo create a great Welcome tab for their noble organization’s Facebook page. River of Hope provides nominated cancer patients with beautifully landscaped, water-based oases for their yards. These healing environments improve the patients’ quality of life by reconnecting them with nature:

Facebook welcome tab

As you can see above, River of Hope used a Pagemodo template that let them upload a video, display photos of a landscape-transformation-in-progress, and still have room for a poignant photo and a Donate button.  Their Facebook page currently has 731 fans!

Learn more about why fans and likes are so important for organizations and businesses.

Pagemodo also got a great review from JustGiving, a site that helps charities with fund-raising. I didn’t foresee having such a rewarding job—and no one really foresaw how important Facebook marketing would become—but I’m glad it worked out that way.

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