A recent study by Lab42 produced some great insights (and a stellar infographic) about what causes people to like and interact with brands on Facebook.

87% of the 1,000 Facebook users they surveyed said that they like brands on Facebook. Out of the 82% who said they think Facebook is a good venue for interacting with bands, 35% said that they feel brands are more likely to listen to them as individuals on Facebook than other channels.

Fully half of those who like brands say they find a brand’s Facebook page more useful than the website. Though this study didn’t address the reasons behind that, perhaps this is because it’s much easier for marketers to dynamically update Facebook than their websites depending on the type of content management system (CSM) they are using.

The most surprising insight we found in this study? A whopping 69% of those who like brands on Facebook said that they have liked a brand simply because a friend did. This is information that marketers should really make a note of. For anyone who questioned the wisdom of Facebook’s Sponsored Stories feature, this is a statistic that is worth considering.

Without further ado – Lab42’s fantastic infographic. Enjoy!


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