As a savvy small business marketer, you have created a number of social media profiles in addition to your website in order to reach a broader audience online. Then you looked at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus profiles with pride, and then thought, “Oh god, what am I going to post on all of these things every day.”

Judging from the news feeds I have seen, it’s clear that you aren’t the only person to have had this moment of panic. Small business owners are busy people who don’t have much time to dedicate to social media, and it’s all too easy to slip into the bad habit of coming up with one post and pushing it out to all of your profiles at once. I understand…but please stop doing that. read more

There are lots and lots of articles to read out there about what to post on Facebook (trust me). And you could scour the internet and spend hours reading them all, or you could check out the great infographic below from MyCleverAgency.

One caveat: If you want to make sure that the image accompanying your post looks just the way you want it to in the newsfeed column, it should by sized to 403 x 403 pixels, according to our Social Media Manager, Irina.

The image above is a section of a larger infographic with advice for other social platforms as well. Click here to view the full version. read more

As we discussed last week, shameless self-promotion is among the Top 10 Most Annoying Facebook Posts. However, there is a way to talk about your company, it’s history, and its people that welcomes users in and increases their likelihood of becoming advocates for your brand.

People follow brands on Facebook hoping to have a more intimate relationship with them than they get through email or website interactions. So why would you post only the information they can find on those platforms? Facebook (and other social media) is a place where you can ‘let your hair down’ and show another side of your business that not everyone gets to see. read more


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