Following the redesign of Twitter’s browser layout, the social network has taken a lot of flack for imitating Facebook too closely. Well if you were mad at Twitter for the new layout, get ready to get peeved all over again. The company announced last week that they’ve begun rolling out a new “mute” feature that might remind you of the follow/unfollow button on Facebook that allows users to hide the activity of their friends without having to un-friend them. Because who needs that awkwardness, right? read more

You’ve heard this part before: Earlier this year when The Tonight Show announced Jay Leno was departing as their beloved host, “A Battle for Late Night” began. NBC had to decide who would take over the show from a buffet of hosts depicted in the chart below.


As you can tell, there were a lot of factors to consider like demographics, ad revenue, and audience size – just to name a few. Though soon, it became apparent what grabbed the network’s attention: a digital audience. Without a doubt, NBC was left with only one contender… read more

With the Golden Globes still so fresh in our minds you can practically still smell the vodka martinis, the nominees for the next big awards show of the season have just been announced. (Okay okay, here is the full list of Oscar nominees released today – just promise to come back and finish reading this post when you’re done.)

With any big event, especially one with great potential for memorable moments, comes a fantastic opportunity for social media mavens and small business marketers. Newsjacking, a term introduced by marketing expert David Meerman Scott, is the practice of identifying a trending topic and quickly incorporating it into a marketing communication in a clever way. Why? read more

Recently, some pretty notable statistics about changing demographics among social media audiences were released. Once such stat was that the fastest growing audience on Twitter is adults age 55-64. In fact, according to a post on Fast Company by Belle Beth Cooper, this group has grown a whopping 79% since 2012. This age group is also the fastest growing on Facebook and Google+, though not at quite the same explosive rate.

Now, before everyone gets excited and starts ripping up this year’s social media marketing plan, let’s clarify something. Just because a group is the fastest growing does not mean they are the most important or the largest. In fact, data from Edison Research and Arbitron shows that despite big growth in 2013, 55-64 was still the second smallest group active on social networks. read more

Today’s article is a guest post from social media marketer Angela Moran.

About 25 percent of the population is in the Millennial generation. That’s 80 million people in the U.S. alone. This generation is often misunderstood when it comes to buying habits, which was a hot topic at this year’s Advertising Week. Millennials actually care about brand authenticity, transparency and openness. In order for companies to be relevant to a generation larger than the Baby Boomer, you must tap into their lifestyles, cultures and day-to-day activities. When drawing up your marketing plan, turn to social media to reach this generation. It’s the way the majority of millennials connect with brands. read more

When you’re starting out in content and social media marketing for your small business, the creation and set-up processes can be a little daunting for those without much design experience or resources.

We’ve talked before about how important it is to periodically create attractive, shareable content to put out on your social media profiles to keep them fresh, but how can you make sure those content pieces reflect well on your brand from a design perspective?

Similarly, our recent series on properly setting up your social profiles highlighted the importance of making these platforms look inviting and eye-catching. And while it’s easy to make your Facebook page look great with tools from Pagemodo, what about Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn? (Hint: those links take you to cheat sheets.) read more

One of the keys to a successful small business social marketing strategy is total coordination between all of your social channels. Not only do you want to maintain consistent content and branding, you should also try to cross-pollinate between channels wherever possible.

With this in mind, Pagemodo introduces two new custom tab templates designed to bring your Instagram and Pinterest content seamlessly into your small business Facebook page. These new additions make Pagemodo an even more effective dashboard for all of your social media activity. read more

You’ve probably heard someone mention Vine or you’ve seen it pop up in your Twitter feed. For the unfamiliar, Vine is a simple mobile video app for creating brief 6-second videos of whatever you’re moved to capture out in the world. While some industry experts are saying they can see the future of Vine in marketing and photojournalism, at the current moment the most common applications seem to be the usual first subjects of new internet and social applications: cats, food, and pornography.

(That’s not to say that there aren’t people out there making great stuff with Vine, it’s just going to take some time for the cream of the crop to rise to the top.) read more

When the last piece of confetti fell in the Superdome on Sunday night, we had a clear winner. No, we’re not talking about The Baltimore Ravens, or the Super Bowl MVP (sorry Joe Flacco), we’re talking about milk’s favorite cookie.

While some companies (Oreo included) spent millions of dollars producing splashy commercials that they then spent millions more to air them, it was Oreo who left one of the biggest impressions of the night with a quick-thinking tweet that was re-tweeted 10,000 times in the space of an hour. (Ad Age) read more

Our September Content Roundup continues today with a discussion of best practices for your Twitter content strategy. This post assumes you’re already familiar with Twitter and have set up your business account. If you need a refresher of the terminology we’ll be using, here’s a helpful glossary of Twitter terms.

What began as a way for people to share thoughts, vent frustrations, and otherwise express themselves in 140 character fragments, has now become a powerful tool that can play a crucial role in any good content marketing strategy. In order to help you maximize Twitter’s potential, we’ll cover how best to share content, when to share it, and what you should be sharing. We will start, however, with why you’re tweeting your content in the first place. read more


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