It’s time once again for that most anticipated event among social media marketers of all stripes: Social Media Marketing World! Thousands of marketers from dozens of countries all over the world will descend on San Diego next week, bringing with them wit, wisdom, and lots and lots of tweets!

Whether or not you snagged a ticket to the events taking place April 17th-19th, you can be the beneficiary of all the social media savvy flying around by following the action on social media.

Last year, the event’s official hashtag saw hundreds of thousands of tweets, and this year is sure to be no different. Make sure to follow #SMMW16 to learn, laugh, and retweet. read more

Twitter Conversions Infographic cover Image

Only 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads.”


You’ve already read the top tips for posting on Twitter, how to fully utilize a Twitter header photo, and what it takes to prolong the half-life of your tweets to improve engagement on Twitter – but what about optimizing valuable engagement and turning it into meaningful leads?

The following statistics about Twitter’s millions of users, gathered by Hubspot and visualized by Market Domination Media, will help small businesses take advantage of existing Twitter features to maximize lead generation. read more

If you’ve ever complained that you’re just not sure all your social media efforts are making a difference for your bottom line, maybe it’s time to test something a bit more concrete. Twitter’s Buy Button, which began rolling out as a test around this time last year, is now being made available to everyone in the US through Twitter’s partnership with Stripe.

Can I get a little background please?

Twitter teamed up with a number of partners last year to test the market’s appetite for buying things directly through their Twitter feed. After trying it out with a limited number of brands the results must have been good, because as Mashable reports, any brand can now offer an in-app buying experience from Twitter, powered by Stripe’s new Relay API. For the tech un-savvy, the concept of Relay might be a little confusing, but Stripe sums it up as: read more

Twitter Search Screenshot

Today, Twitter has rolled out a new search function to all logged-in users, which they have been testing since April. In this new search, users will find easier ways to filter content results.

For reference, here is what the search function looked like originally.

Source: The Next Web

While the original layout had informative results, you only had two tabs for ‘Top’ tweets (tweets with stellar engagement) or ‘All’ tweets (tweets in chronological order) with all of your filters clustered over to the left side. This made finding relevant tweets more cumbersome to a busy social media marketer. read more

As social media marketers, we have a lot competing for our attention. Whether it’s monitoring trending topics, sharing relevant content, or networking with other marketers, we rely on systems to help us stay organized. The problem with finding a system that works for you, and then never changing your workflow, is that you might be missing out on some really neat features on your favorite social networks.

But let’s be honest – it’s pretty much impossible to know that you don’t know something that you don’t know. That’s why we’ve collected a list of our favorite little-known, hidden, or long-forgotten features on Facebook and Twitter: read more

Holy Grail - Twitter Verification

As a savvy social media user, you’ve no doubt noticed the sought-after “Verified” symbol on some users’ Twitter accounts. And whether getting that little checkmark for your very own is a to-do item on your business marketing checklist or holy-grail-level personal goal, the answer has always been the same: you’ll just have to wait.

Or will you? According to a recent ‘leak’ by a source close to Twitter, there may be some good news for people who are desperately seeking verification.

Twitter’s line on the topic has always been ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ No matter how many followers you have, or how rabidly they (or you) request verification of an account. From their own support topic: read more

We’ve all had it happen. You post something to Facebook one day that you’re sure is going to be a hit, only to see it fall completely flat – and then the next day, some link you tweeted goes viral in a matter of hours. The seeming randomness of social media success can be maddening at times, and can make you wonder if it’s all just the luck of the draw. But if you really pay attention to the details of your posting habits, you’ll start to see patterns emerge that can make a world of difference to your engagement. read more

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Earlier this week, my partner-in-crime here on the blog wrote about getting your own blog found, read, and shared across the web. In that article, two of the tactics mentioned are networking with other bloggers, and partnering with syndication websites. This got me thinking – it’s time for a content inspiration roundup!

Below, you’ll find four methods for discovering great content that you can use to learn for yourself, and share with your networks. There are, of course, hundreds of other great content sources on the web, but these are a few of our go-to faves! read more

Last week, Twitter introduced a newcomer to its line of Promoted Tweets. This unit is called a Website Card, and it has a lot of potential to drive traffic from your Twitter profile to your website.

In case the name confused you, Website Cards can direct traffic to more than just your website’s homepage. You can also send users to a specific product page, a blog post announcement, or a landing page created specifically for this ad type.

So what does a Website Card look like? The image at the top of this post is an example provided by Twitter for the website of a coffee bar called The Barista Bar. As you can see, the ad shows up in both the mobile and web feeds, and features a caption, linked website title, and the ‘Promoted’ badge. read more


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