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Only 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads.”


You’ve already read the top tips for posting on Twitter, how to fully utilize a Twitter header photo, and what it takes to prolong the half-life of your tweets to improve engagement on Twitter – but what about optimizing valuable engagement and turning it into meaningful leads?

The following statistics about Twitter’s millions of users, gathered by Hubspot and visualized by Market Domination Media, will help small businesses take advantage of existing Twitter features to maximize lead generation. read more

If you’ve ever complained that you’re just not sure all your social media efforts are making a difference for your bottom line, maybe it’s time to test something a bit more concrete. Twitter’s Buy Button, which began rolling out as a test around this time last year, is now being made available to everyone in the US through Twitter’s partnership with Stripe.

Can I get a little background please?

Twitter teamed up with a number of partners last year to test the market’s appetite for buying things directly through their Twitter feed. After trying it out with a limited number of brands the results must have been good, because as Mashable reports, any brand can now offer an in-app buying experience from Twitter, powered by Stripe’s new Relay API. For the tech un-savvy, the concept of Relay might be a little confusing, but Stripe sums it up as: read more

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Yesterday you may have read from the Twitter Blog that the social network lifted its character limit from private messages. The company commented on the change as follows,

Each of the hundreds of millions of Tweets sent across Twitter every day is an opportunity for you to spark a conversation about what’s happening in your world. That’s why we’ve made a number of changes to Direct Messages over the last few months. Today’s change is another big step towards making the private side of Twitter even more powerful and fun. read more

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Twitter this summer, you might have noticed that the microblogging platform has been doubling down on video. By adding features and announcing new policies over the last few months, Twitter has signaled in no uncertain terms that they see video as the next big thing for the platform. Is it the next big thing for your business? Let’s take a look at what’s been added this summer.

1. Twitter adds auto-play video
Back in June 2015, Twitter announced an update that would make it so that native videos, Vines, and gifs would play automatically as users scrolled through their feeds. Note that this does not apply to YouTube videos – only those uploaded natively through the Twitter app. Twitter also made it clear that auto-play would apply to Twitter’s video ads as well. More about Twitter auto-play here. read more

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Twitter has been one busy little bird this spring. While Twitter updates are not uncommon, it’s worth noting that this month alone, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform has released four significant updates to various feature sets. Do you know what they are?

If not, here’s what’s new, and why you should take note: 

1. Retweet With Comments

We’re starting with this one because, well, it’s the one we’re most excited about. For years, Twitter users have been working around the inexplicable inability to ‘quote’ tweets on the desktop the same way they could from their mobile devices. On mobile, we have had the choice between retweeting directly (sending someone else’s tweet out to your own users) and tweet quoting (adding your own comments to a tweet’s content). From the desktop, however, the only option was to directly retweet, or copy and paste the content into a new tweet to add your spin. Since nobody has time for that, the release of the new Retweet with Comments feature is a welcome change. read more

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It’s no secret that visual content reigns supreme when it comes to engagement on social media. In fact, a 2013 study found that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were photo posts, and a similar study in 2014 found that 47% of Tweets that saw the most interaction contained photos. (SocialBakers). With that in mind, it’s no surprise that people share more than 55,000,000 photos and videos on social media each day (24MotionDesign infographic)

However, even once you know the numbers, it can be tough to figure out what to post. If you’re not a photographer or a retailer who has new products to post all the time, what on earth are you supposed to post images of all the time? Well, the good news is that not all of the images you post have to be photos – they can be eye-catching designs featuring things like events, promotions, or even inspiring quotes. read more

Last week, Twitter introduced a newcomer to its line of Promoted Tweets. This unit is called a Website Card, and it has a lot of potential to drive traffic from your Twitter profile to your website.

In case the name confused you, Website Cards can direct traffic to more than just your website’s homepage. You can also send users to a specific product page, a blog post announcement, or a landing page created specifically for this ad type.

So what does a Website Card look like? The image at the top of this post is an example provided by Twitter for the website of a coffee bar called The Barista Bar. As you can see, the ad shows up in both the mobile and web feeds, and features a caption, linked website title, and the ‘Promoted’ badge. read more

Today’s post comes from Deanna, the intrepid manager of Pagemodo’s own social media presence.  Here at Pagemodo, we have noticed many platforms have started to adopt characteristics similar to those of Facebook. Most recently, Google+ added larger images with just the input of the link you’re sharing, and Twitter allowed photos in your feed without clicking on a link. Now on their blog, Twitter has announced the news they have taken their photo sharing capabilities one step further with the introduction of Photo Collages & Tagging. Here is what’s new: read more

While the basics of Twitter for personal use are relatively simple (it’s 140 characters, how hard could it be?), there is actually a lot more to it once you decide to use Twitter for your small business.

That’s why the folks over at Simply Business created an interactive Twitter for Small Business flowchart. It features answers to questions ranging from the most basic (how to pick a good Twitter handle) to the more complex (how to draft a social media policy).

The only thing we would add? Pagemodo Posts for finding and scheduling great content for your followers, of course. read more

As a savvy small business marketer, you have created a number of social media profiles in addition to your website in order to reach a broader audience online. Then you looked at your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus profiles with pride, and then thought, “Oh god, what am I going to post on all of these things every day.”

Judging from the news feeds I have seen, it’s clear that you aren’t the only person to have had this moment of panic. Small business owners are busy people who don’t have much time to dedicate to social media, and it’s all too easy to slip into the bad habit of coming up with one post and pushing it out to all of your profiles at once. I understand…but please stop doing that. read more


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