2020. Remember when that was a year in which science fiction writers would set their stories in order to make them seem so futuristic that anything was plausible? Now 2020 is so close at hand that we can already make accurate predictions about the trends that will shape the way we work every day.

Further exploring that topic, Top10OnlineColleges has created an infographic exploring the state of trends and technology right now, and how they will determine who is successful less than a decade from today. They identified six drivers of change: read more

Last week, Twitter introduced a newcomer to its line of Promoted Tweets. This unit is called a Website Card, and it has a lot of potential to drive traffic from your Twitter profile to your website.

In case the name confused you, Website Cards can direct traffic to more than just your website’s homepage. You can also send users to a specific product page, a blog post announcement, or a landing page created specifically for this ad type.

So what does a Website Card look like? The image at the top of this post is an example provided by Twitter for the website of a coffee bar called The Barista Bar. As you can see, the ad shows up in both the mobile and web feeds, and features a caption, linked website title, and the ‘Promoted’ badge. read more

A lot of people have interests outside of their day jobs. For some, it might be volunteering, or woodworking, or fantasy sports. For Mark Zuckerberg, this takes the form of things like connecting the rest of the world to the mobile Internet.

The project we’re talking about here is Internet.org, which is a partnership of leading technology companies that have joined forces around the goal of getting internet access for the billions of people worldwide who don’t currently have it. In addition to Facebook’s backing, the project is also supported by partners like Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm. While connecting everyone in the world to the Internet is certainly a lofty goal, if anybody is going to achieve it then this looks like a pretty solid team to put on the field. read more

A recent survey by Edleman and The Parenting Group revealed that fist-time fathers, defined as those whose oldest child was age 2 or younger, are more likely to brag about their new additions on social media.

Check out some interesting Dad stats to see if if your small business should take the time to market its social media campaigns toward the new, tech-savvy dads.

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About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Pagemodo’s Marketing and Social Media Manager. Get more from Irina on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+. read more


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