No matter the size of the business or the industry, we consistently hear that people want to do social media, but they just can’t justify putting the resources toward it. Be it an investment of time or money, people just don’t understand how to think about the return they’ll see.

We’ve talked before about how to figure out the ROI (return on investment) of social media before, but today we wanted to highlight one specific benefit that many people don’t consider: market research. If you think about social media as a part of your market research strategy, all of a sudden the investment seems much easier to justify! read more

Today’s blog post is a guest article from content marketing expert Nora Flint. 

Most businesses limit their social media marketing strategy to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They just look at the number of users and decide to go for top two or three social platforms.

If you are one of those businesses, you might be missing out on some great opportunities available at relatively smaller, but rapidly growing platforms.

Pinterest is one of those platforms with great potential.

It’s not far behind in numbers. More than 20% of all US adults use Pinterest, which is higher than Twitter or Instagram. read more

Post Designer Halloween Cover Photo

There are just a few days left until Halloween and it’s time for creative costumes, unique pumpkin carving, and inventive social media content!

We’ve already given you a list of spooky social content to share with your followers and fans, but knowing just how effective adding a picture to a post can be, we decided to add a few ideas to the list!

Not to mention, by using the new themes and Halloween images added to Post Designer today you could complete these three tricks in a pinch.

So get ghouling! read more

If you’ve ever complained that you’re just not sure all your social media efforts are making a difference for your bottom line, maybe it’s time to test something a bit more concrete. Twitter’s Buy Button, which began rolling out as a test around this time last year, is now being made available to everyone in the US through Twitter’s partnership with Stripe.

Can I get a little background please?

Twitter teamed up with a number of partners last year to test the market’s appetite for buying things directly through their Twitter feed. After trying it out with a limited number of brands the results must have been good, because as Mashable reports, any brand can now offer an in-app buying experience from Twitter, powered by Stripe’s new Relay API. For the tech un-savvy, the concept of Relay might be a little confusing, but Stripe sums it up as: read more

Social Business Strategies Cover Image

Whether you are starting to consider focusing your marketing on social media, or just starting to post on a new network, it is essential to dig deep into what these choices mean for your brand and which strategy to pursue for the best chance at success.

Full Impact Studios found that social media has surpassed Google as Americans’ “number one daily activity,” which means these decisions are more important than ever. Therefore, they have created an infographic to help guide you through these strategic choices you have. read more

QuickSprout Infographic Cover Image

We have told you when to post, how to post, and where to post. But we have never talked about why we post or engage on social media.

Until now!

Below you will learn why we like, share, comment, and post on Facebook; all thanks to the infographic we found on QuickSprout.

Why We Like
People may “like” a brand because it’s practical and they will get something in return. 35% will “like” to participate in contests, while 42% “like” to get a coupon or discount. Don’t worry—41% still “like” to just receive regular updates about their favorite brands. read more


When you hear the term “half-life,” you might think of nuclear physics; but it can also apply to the posts we write on Twitter.

The half-life of a tweet is an important metric which can be used by marketers to define and alter their overall social media strategy. It can be one of the best ways to measure the extent of engagement with the target audience. It is also a good exercise to make abundantly available social analytics data useful for your business.

But first, what is a half-life?
Usually when we talk about a half-life we reference the amount of time required for the amount of something to fall to half of its initial value. read more

Twitter Search Screenshot

Today, Twitter has rolled out a new search function to all logged-in users, which they have been testing since April. In this new search, users will find easier ways to filter content results.

For reference, here is what the search function looked like originally.

Source: The Next Web

While the original layout had informative results, you only had two tabs for ‘Top’ tweets (tweets with stellar engagement) or ‘All’ tweets (tweets in chronological order) with all of your filters clustered over to the left side. This made finding relevant tweets more cumbersome to a busy social media marketer. read more

Power of the Hashtag Cover Image

Over the summer, I bestowed unto the Pagemodo blog audience the 5 Golden Rules of Hashtag Etiquette.

In these five rules, I discussed how hashtags have an important purpose within your social media posts; and while there are things to be weary of when using hashtags, people should not be timid about harnessing their power!

The folks over at the Huffington Post seem to agree since they shared an infographic titled The Power of the #hashtag on

Within the graphic, they specify just how significant hashtags can be for small business owners: “The #hashtag represents an important social media strategy. A fitting tag can help drive brand recognition, boost the reach of an advertising campaign and positively impact customer loyalty.” read more

Dictionary Book

Sometimes I find myself sending messages that look a lot like the one below:

TBH, IDK if my hashtag will end up trending or if anyone will even like it.
It will only be viral if people can relate to it IRL.

And depending on my audience, I will get a response back that will sympathize with my statement’s sentiment, or I will get back the most confused face I have ever seen.

It is when I am faced with the latter that I realize there are a lot of terms and acronyms that may seem like second-nature for me and other social media managers, but are not so familiar to those who are not in the industry all day, every day. read more


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