While we have always told you defining your goals on social should be your number one priority, measuring your efforts to reach those goals is just as important. Unfortunately, it has historically been difficult to measure that success on Twitter given the limited access to the data needed to prove it.

But today, we are happy to share with you that Twitter has finally improved their analytics page by adding a slew of long-awaited metrics for business.

Here’s what is new:

Previous Twitter dashboard: read more

For many people, Twitter is a mobile-only application. In fact, last year the company reported that 75% of its over 2 million monthly active users access Twitter from mobile devices. Perhaps it’s because of this that the inherent design challenges of the Twitter desktop profile have not been addressed. I’m referring to the issue that arises when you’ve designed a pixel-perfect Twitter background that can be easily thrown into chaos if a user adjusts their zoom or has a different screen size than the one you designed for. read more

A lot of people have interests outside of their day jobs. For some, it might be volunteering, or woodworking, or fantasy sports. For Mark Zuckerberg, this takes the form of things like connecting the rest of the world to the mobile Internet.

The project we’re talking about here is Internet.org, which is a partnership of leading technology companies that have joined forces around the goal of getting internet access for the billions of people worldwide who don’t currently have it. In addition to Facebook’s backing, the project is also supported by partners like Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm. While connecting everyone in the world to the Internet is certainly a lofty goal, if anybody is going to achieve it then this looks like a pretty solid team to put on the field. read more

It seems like just yesterday Facebook was introducing a new concept in social advertising. One that leveraged the preferences and activities of members in a user’s social network to promote businesses. What an exciting idea.

And Sponsored Stories were, for a time, a hit with advertisers. However, as with many tools in the tech arena, this one will be unceremoniously discontinued. This may seem like an odd move considering the considerable effectiveness of Sponsored Stories for advertisers. In fact, a report from AdParlor in Business Insider shows Sponsored Stories greatly outpacing Marketplace or inline like ads: read more


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