Happy New Year from all of us here at Pagemodo! It’s that time of year when we all start making resolutions for our businesses, setting important goals, and scribbling out last year’s date on everything we sign for the next few weeks. It’s also the time when there’s no shortage of predictions floating around the blogosphere from social media and marketing experts about all the trends that will affect our planning and goal setting!

To help you dip a toe into all the news, we skimmed some high-level predictions from experts that we think might prove useful and intriguing for social media marketers in 2016. There are many more out there, so definitely do some digging when you have the time. Since one of my predictions was to spend less time procrastinating, it seems only appropriate that we jump right in! read more

While you might be tired of hearing all about millennials (even if you happen to be one!) there’s no denying their importance for the overall marketing strategy of most brands. Millennials – those born between the late 1980s and early 2000s – now make up a quarter of the US population. There are three times as many of them (77 million) as there are in the generation that preceded them, Generation X. While it might be true that Millennials don’t yet have the buying power of their older counterparts, they will soon. And when they do, you better be sure you’ve earned their loyalty already. read more

Conversation bubbles

Brands spend a great deal of time attempting to make strong connections with their customers on social media. However, a recent study by Pear Analytics called 40 percent of Twitter messages “pointless babble.”  There was some debate over the accuracy of the study, but whether or not e-commerce brands agree with the findings, it opened the door to discussions about the true value of social media communication.

It is impossible to make every single social media message impactful – there is no way to knock every single message out of the park, every single time. With the right strategy in place, however, e-commerce companies can leverage social media for success.  In order to get the most from social communications, brands should treat outlets like Twitter and Facebook as platforms for real-time engagement, rather than simply a soapbox for self-promotion. read more

We’ve all had it happen. You post something to Facebook one day that you’re sure is going to be a hit, only to see it fall completely flat – and then the next day, some link you tweeted goes viral in a matter of hours. The seeming randomness of social media success can be maddening at times, and can make you wonder if it’s all just the luck of the draw. But if you really pay attention to the details of your posting habits, you’ll start to see patterns emerge that can make a world of difference to your engagement. read more

According to a recent report done by Gigaom Research, digital marketers say email is the most effective tactic across the sales funnel. The study even revealed which digital tactics marketers are using most often. If you examine the chart below you will see that email marketing is used by 86% of the respondents regularly, and social media marketing is used by 72%.

As sophisticated marketers, we know that we can’t depend on a single medium to reach our marketing goals. With this research, we suggest combining email and social to efficiently execute your campaigns. read more

In October, I wrote over on the Webs blog about the introduction of advertising to Instagram and how you can optimize the social platform for your small business.

In 2014, Instagram made a series of updates to their platform expanding this opportunity for businesses to attract customers and gain revenue even further. Most notably, they added tagging, creative tools, and Instagram Direct, a feature that allows a user to send private messages (much like Twitter DM).

However, despite all of these new features, brands didn’t fully jump on the Instagram marketing bandwagon. Sure there were a few attempts – like Buffalo Wild Wings with Instagram Direct, and Mazda with their Interactive Roadmap – but in actuality, most brands still struggled with how to make these features connect with their business goals and make spending time on this platform worthwhile… read more

Like any good content marketer, you are consistently engaging your social media followers through contests, conversation-sparking posts, reader polls, and more. And while engagement is its own reward and all, you might still find yourself wondering how you can translate those interactions into sales for your business.

If you’ve mastered the art of getting your audience to engage with your brand on social media, you’re already headed in the right direction. When someone enters a photo contest, posts a video of themselves using your product, answers a poll, comments on their experience with your brand, etc., they are creating content for you. The next step is figuring out what you’re going to do about it. read more

You’ve heard this part before: Earlier this year when The Tonight Show announced Jay Leno was departing as their beloved host, “A Battle for Late Night” began. NBC had to decide who would take over the show from a buffet of hosts depicted in the chart below.

via HollywoodReporter.com

As you can tell, there were a lot of factors to consider like demographics, ad revenue, and audience size – just to name a few. Though soon, it became apparent what grabbed the network’s attention: a digital audience. Without a doubt, NBC was left with only one contender… read more

Today’s post comes from Deanna, the intrepid manager of Pagemodo’s own social media presence. 

As you know, social media has become quite an enticing channel for marketing. Not only does it cater to the analysts with its vast amounts of data, it also offers an outlet for the more creative types. So why are most small business owners hesitant to share their voice? eMarketer reports over 1.73 billion people updating their profiles on hundreds of social networks worldwide; and since Facebook’s algorithm has changed almost daily, we understand it can be quite intimidating. read more

As 2012 came to a close, we asked real Pagemodo users on Facebook about their experiences in social media marketing over the past year. What lessons did they learn about using social media for small business promotion?

We took everyone’s feedback and boiled down it down to the top 10 themes. Did you have similar experiences? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Social marketing is not easy

2. Storytelling works well

3. Quality content generates new clients read more


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