Any savvy social media marketer knows that the kind of promotion that worked in the Mad Men era is pretty much the kiss of death in modern social media marketing. Feature-focused declarations, one-to-many conversations, and self-promotional broadcasting are quick ways to lose all of your followers (or never get any in the first place).

Unsure if you’re making any of these social media faux pas in your own marketing? Use the infographic below from The Core to check yourself (before you wreck yourself). read more

When a little app called Instagram launched quietly in October 2010, who could’ve predicated that it would become a social networking powerhouse? Well, maybe the company’s 28-year-old founder Kevin Systrom…

Now that the company has been acquired by Facebook (April 2012) and amassed a cult-like following of over 100 million users, it’s no surprise that top brands have begun to leverage Instagram. In fact, Simply Measured reports that 54% of top brands are now active on the social sharing app. read more

Not all fans are created equal. Some are more engaged than others, have different levels of experience with your company, and they all have different motivations for joining your Facebook community. However, every ‘like’ is valuable, so it’s up to you to figure out how to engage each type of fan you have, which means you’ll need to produce a variety of content types in order to reach them all.

Webs has identified 5 types of fans below. Meet The Tire Kicker, The Curious Prospect, The Unrelenting Skeptic, The Deal Chaser, and The Proud Advocate. read more

Social media is a growing phenomenon, with new websites seemingly popping up overnight trying to put a new spin on things. Some of these catch on like wildfire, while others linger in the back ground and serve niche segments of the vast Internet universe. Regardless of whether your small business uses just the big daddies of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) or also dabble with smaller websites that focus on your particular industry, social media is a useful tool for marketing.

With all the possibilities out there for marketing your small business website on social media platforms, it is very important to create a calendar for managing all your activity. A calendar will allow you to have your small business social media needs right at your fingertips. There are various tools available for creating a calendar for your small business, like the Timeline calendar just for Facebook postings, a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Google Docs (easy for sharing with others), and Hootsuite, which has many bells and whistles at your disposal. With Hootsuiteyou can pre-program your social media activity to post at certain times, which is very convenient for weekends or other times you are away from your small business. read more

The following infographic depicts findings from a recent survey showcasing the most common benefits of using social media. Discover:

  1. How important is social media marketing for small businesses
  2. What percentage of exposure small businesses gain via social media
  3. Which factors produce the most results
  4. More!

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About the Author: Irina Kabigting is Pagemodo’s Marketing and Social Media Manager. Get more from Irina on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

Everyone who regularly uses Facebook is well aware that Facebook’s new Timeline feature is being rolled out and changing many aspects of the social media platform. In this post, we’ll talk about Timeline’s affect on Pagemodo, but more importantly, how you can use it to the advantage of your business.

Why is Timeline important?

There are several reasons why Timeline is important for all Facebook users. The biggest reason is that Timeline  will soon be mandatory for personal profile pages as Facebook will roll out the new layout over the next few weeks. You can see an example of a profile with the new format at: read more

For this edition of the Facebook fan page of the week, we’re featuring a very dynamic and exciting business that specializes in children’s hair cutting. Snip-Its is based in Lexington, South Carolina, and really makes full use of Pagemodo’s features.

Notice the video on the Welcome tab too!

How does this business link their Facebook business page back to their brick and mortar business?

Snip-Its is a business that relies on its brick and mortar location for its revenue. Page admins proudly devote an entire custom tab to showcasing the fun atmosphere of their store.Since Snip-Its depends on showing children and their parents that they have created a place where a child will feel comfortable and happy while he or she gets a haircuts showcasing their store helps to instill confidence in those visitors that are learning about the business via Facebook.  Additionally, creating social media presence helps the company build their search engine ranking. read more

Pagemodo knows that not every business that needs a Facebook business page has one. And not every business that is on Facebook makes use of a powerful Facebook fan page design tool like Pagemodo.

In response to this, Pagemodo has created an affiliate program. This program is meant to not only spread the word about Pagemodo and its benefits, but it’s also meant to reward Pagemodo customers who tell others about us!

How does it work?

First you must register here and join! Then once you’ve been approved, you will be provided with a unique tracking code that you can provide to others while promoting our services.  You can put your code anywhere you feel it will be most effective, be it on your Facebook page, your own website or even in your marketing emails. read more

For 2012, a recent survey by Webs asked 582 small business owners about their sentiments for the remainder of the year. The responses received were very interesting to say the least!

The responses have been compiled from the survey into a nifty infographic that can be seen below. In general, small business owners are optimistic about the future, and are looking forward to seeing their businesses grow in 2012. Businesses are also looking forward to making use of new marketing platforms, with Facebook in particular piquing their interest. read more

This week’s Facebook Fan Page of the Week is a business page that has really made full use of Pagemodo’s features to attain success. They are using the custom tabs available to drive new fans and make contact with potential customers by using Like Gates, a Welcome tab, and a Contact Form.

For both their Welcome tab and Spa Deals tab, Beleza Medspa is using a Like Gate.  Visitors will need to like the page in order to get access to the content.   For their Spa Deals page, they have added a Like Gate and created curiosity by asking “Want to get a great deal?” Who doesn’t?  read more


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