As you know, Pinterest has become the social network for day-dreaming, shopping, and most importantly inspiration. Therefore, it was no surprise when Pinterest came to the realization that vacation and travel were among the biggest topics they saw being created within their boards.

Welcome to your introduction to Pinterest Places or Place Pins.

Place Pins is a nifty feature added for the adventurous traveler (or crafty business owner) in November 2013. The feature allows Pinners to create boards with the ability to add a location and keep track of all the places they have traveled or plan to travel. It is as easy as editing your board to add a map. read more

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Today’s post comes from Erin King, who is our email marketing manager by day, and an avid Pinner by night. 

Pinterest has been one of the most buzzed-about social platforms in the past year, and with a fast-growing user base, it’s a simple concept with big implications for small businesses

What is Pinterest?

In your house or office, you may have a cork bulletin board where you pin photos, artwork and other items that inspire you. The idea behind Pinterest is similar – users can create visual “inspiration” boards that are grouped by theme (like favorite vacation destinations, household cleaning tips, etc.).and pin images to them from around the web. The “Pin It” bookmarklet makes it easy to pin images from anywhere on the web to a board of your choosing. read more

On this last day of 2013, it’s important to think about what happened last year, and how that will affect your business in the coming year. Since human memory is flawed, it’s a good thing that SocialMediaToday posted a handy infographic by SpareFoot with some great social media stats you may have forgotten or never heard at all this year.

While there are many interesting facts to glean here, one thing really seems to stand out: the surprising effectiveness of three ‘dark horse’ platforms. If you have a limited social media budget for 2014 (and I’m guessing you do) take note – your investment of time and money might just stretch a little farther if focus on these lesser-used platforms in the coming year. read more

One of the keys to a successful small business social marketing strategy is total coordination between all of your social channels. Not only do you want to maintain consistent content and branding, you should also try to cross-pollinate between channels wherever possible.

With this in mind, Pagemodo introduces two new custom tab templates designed to bring your Instagram and Pinterest content seamlessly into your small business Facebook page. These new additions make Pagemodo an even more effective dashboard for all of your social media activity. read more

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about social media contests in the abstract. So today we’re going to look at 4 solid real-life examples of contests run by big brands on major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

1. Facebook Contest: Dove (Real Beauty Should Be Shared)
Our first contest example comes from Dove, who used a Facebook contest in May, 2013 to engage users in their Real Beauty branding campaign. The contest asked participants to submit a photo of a friend and fill in the blanks about what makes them beautiful. This was a great idea for (at least) 3 reasons. First, they ensured that not only would the actual participant become engaged in the contest, but that their friend (and probably some of that friend’s friends) would as well. Next, they chose a contest strategy that dovetails (no pun intended, promise) nicely with the Real Beauty branding strategy they’ve used in recent years. Third, they partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart for the grand prize – a great place for people to go see the faces of the winners who were chosen, and pick up a few Dove products while they’re at it. read more

On Wednesday, November 14th, Pinterest announced on their blog that the social sharing site now has a product designed for businesses. For those of you pulling the covers over your heads in an attempt to escape the Facebook for Business flashbacks, know that this will be a much less jarring transition. You will not lose functionality, you will not have to find all your apps in their new locations, and you will not have to reformat anything.

For the most part, the new platform seems to be much more about resources than it is about cosmetics. In their words: read more

Are your social media pages running a little low on engaging content? Lucky for you, there’s a holiday coming up! Holidays are a great way to kick-start a lackluster social media space and re-engage your followers.

With October 31st coming up next week, we thought you might enjoy a list of Halloween Social Media promotions. Try one (or all!) of them out, and let us know how you did!

1. Host a Halloween costume contest on Facebook, and use the winner’s photo as your cover photo for a day. It will drive engagement on your page, get users to share their photos with you, and show newcomers that you value your followers’ participation. You can use a contest app, or simply put up a photo album for others to add to and judge the images yourself. read more

We’re wrapping up our Content Roundup this week with a look at one of the fastest growing social media channels in history. Pinterest is an invaluable resource for businesses looking to drive more traffic to their websites and build strong relationships with customers.

So why are so many brands slow to adopt it? The visual nature of Pinterest stumps some marketers who aren’t sure how translate their brand to the medium. But with some creativity and outside-the-box thinking, nearly any brand can find a way to connect through this channel. As with our prior content channel posts, we’ll be talking today about why you should be on Pinterest, what to pin there, how to pin effectively, and when to pin to get the best response. read more


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