This week we’re going to discuss how Pagemodo can help small businesses of all kinds, including franchises, flourish on Facebook. For the “Facebook Fan Page of the Week” we’re highlighting a Curves franchise that is using two different Pagemodo-built custom tabs to market their popular women’s exercise franchise “Curves” which was listed by CNNMoney as the ninth most popular franchise in America.

This Curves franchise is based in San Diego, and uses both a custom Welcome tab and video tab to engage with potential Curves customers. read more

We’ve recently discussed SEO tactics for your Facebook business page, now let’s talk about content from a marketing standpoint. While SEO is a necessity to draw customers to your business page via search engines, strong content that appeals to your customers will help keep them on your page and engaged with your business after they’ve found you.

One of the great advantages of using a Facebook business page builder like Pagemodo is that it is not only easy to create good looking pages, it’s also easy to update pages. If you change your products and services, you can easily add more custom tabs to showcase those products, or update your existing tabs to show them off. Pagemodo has recognized the importance to business owners of showcasing their products and services and has recently added the feature of unlimited custom tabs for all Agency and Pro users. read more

This week we look at Roxberry Smoothies, a rapidly growing smoothie franchise that utilizes Pagemodo functionality to reach new customers.

Roxberry Smoothies

Why have we chosen this specific Facebook business page? Roxberry Smoothies is a good example of a company putting branding into action.

How is this Facebook business page using branding?

If we look at Roxberry’s main page we see a video that introduces us to “Mr. Roxberry” who is becoming a kind of character for the chain. It’s a great use of the video feature on Pagemodo and perhaps more importantly, it shows an effort by a growing business to inject humor into its marketing. read more

Growing your business means increasing revenue and number of customers. Facebook allows you to reach customers you might not reach otherwise. It also allows you to portray your business in a different way than you would in other forms of marketing. You may want to do this because your audience on Facebook is different from the audiences that interact with your other marketing efforts. Below are four key elements to using Facebook as a business growth tool:

  1. Separate your business from your personal profile. People looking for products or services probably want to learn about your business, not necessarily about you personally. You should have a different dynamic with your own friends rather than your customers. While it is true that one of the reasons for going on Facebook is to get friends to be customers, as your business grows you’ll want to take on a more professional persona which appeals to a wider audience.  The problem for many Facebook business users is that they are used to using Facebook for themselves and don’t realize that they have to start using Facebook in a more professional manner.
  2. Practice two-way communication with your customers through Facebook. Successful businesses speak to customers directly. Engage with your customer base to determine how they feel about you—ask them how they like the latest product you added or ask them their opinion about the latest trend in your industry. Get them talking to you. Perhaps even more importantly, you should be listening to your customers’ opinions. If your customers are unhappy, you can learn from them to make changes that will improve your business. If they are happy, you’ll continue to move your business along the same path to success. A successful business is a business that reaches out to its customers with regular changes to content and imagery based on customer feedback.  Facebook is an ideal platform to interact regularly with customers, so make use of it!
  3. Facebook Fan Page does not equal your website: Understand that your Facebook business page is not just a Facebook version of your website. Remember, the people who use Facebook heavily are very different from the people who use it intermittently. A heavy Facebook user may be interested in different products or services you offer outside of your main customer base. If this is the case, it might mean offering completely different services on your Facebook business page than you do elsewhere, or at least emphasizing different ones.
  4. Extensively link to the other areas of your business. If you have a website, link to it regularly. If you have a Twitter feed link to it as well. And of course have those feeds link back to your Facebook business page. The point in all of this is to allow your customers to reach you in whatever medium they feel most comfortable. A customer may prefer to “like” you on Facebook rather than send you an email via your webpage telling you they enjoyed working with you.

So there you have it. Use Facebook to expand your business and move it forward! read more

Pagemodo is introducing a brand new feature limited to Pro and Agency users: unlimited custom tabs! Previously, you were limited to 7 tabs with the Pro Package and 15 tabs (with an option to buy more page packs) for the Pro version. Now, all Pro and Agency users will have the ability to build and create any number of custom tabs you need for your business or your clients.

How will this benefit your business?

For businesses: This is a great benefit to those businesses who want to showcase their products and services in a wider variety of tabs. Instead of being limited to 7 tabs, you can now use as many as you need—coupons, images, product information page, video, etc.– to spread the word about your products and services.   read more

This week’s Facebook Fan Page of the Week is a business page that has really made full use of Pagemodo’s features to attain success. They are using the custom tabs available to drive new fans and make contact with potential customers by using Like Gates, a Welcome tab, and a Contact Form.

For both their Welcome tab and Spa Deals tab, Beleza Medspa is using a Like Gate.  Visitors will need to like the page in order to get access to the content.   For their Spa Deals page, they have added a Like Gate and created curiosity by asking “Want to get a great deal?” Who doesn’t?  read more

Pagemodo is moving forward with a new feature that is available to our Agency level users. This exciting new feature builds on the recent new feature of allowing Admin Editing for other users. For customers who have purchased an Agency level package you will now be able to oversee other admins from a specially designed control panel. This control panel allows you to easily give access to people you work with to enhance and improve your Pagemodo tabs. Whether it’s the employees at your company, your fellow co-workers, or friends and family, you’ll be able to allow others to give their artistic and intellectual input in your business’s Facebook business page. It’s never been easier to integrate everyone involved in your business’s growth and success! read more

One of the biggest terms bandied about in the world of marketing is “branding”. Branding is a term used to describe a product or service that has become something special, something distinct from its competitors.  For many people branding is a term reserved for the biggest of businesses: Apple, Toyota, Disney. It’s not something for the little guy.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! Making a brand is essential to establishing a successful business, regardless of its size. The good news is that Facebook and branding go hand in hand. And that shouldn’t surprise anyone as Facebook has become one of the most significant brands in the world. The closer your business is associated with Facebook the more your own brand will stand out. The easiest way to do that is to establish a Facebook business page through a service like Pagemodo. read more

Do you have co-workers or clients who also need to manage a Pagemodo tab?  We’re happy to announce an exciting new feature – Admin Editing. Now, your Facebook admins can access and edit your Pagemodo tabs!

The Admin Editing feature allows Pagemodo tabs to be edited by anyone who has Facebook admin privileges to that page.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a business with more than one employee, you now have the ability to have them all contribute to managing and editing  a Pagemodo tab.  You’ll no longer have to share logins to grant them access. read more


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