Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about social media contests in the abstract. So today we’re going to look at 4 solid real-life examples of contests run by big brands on major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

1. Facebook Contest: Dove (Real Beauty Should Be Shared)
Our first contest example comes from Dove, who used a Facebook contest in May, 2013 to engage users in their Real Beauty branding campaign. The contest asked participants to submit a photo of a friend and fill in the blanks about what makes them beautiful. This was a great idea for (at least) 3 reasons. First, they ensured that not only would the actual participant become engaged in the contest, but that their friend (and probably some of that friend’s friends) would as well. Next, they chose a contest strategy that dovetails (no pun intended, promise) nicely with the Real Beauty branding strategy they’ve used in recent years. Third, they partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart for the grand prize – a great place for people to go see the faces of the winners who were chosen, and pick up a few Dove products while they’re at it. read more

When a little app called Instagram launched quietly in October 2010, who could’ve predicated that it would become a social networking powerhouse? Well, maybe the company’s 28-year-old founder Kevin Systrom…

Now that the company has been acquired by Facebook (April 2012) and amassed a cult-like following of over 100 million users, it’s no surprise that top brands have begun to leverage Instagram. In fact, Simply Measured reports that 54% of top brands are now active on the social sharing app. read more


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