Two days ago, Mark Zuckerberg hosted a long-awaited Q&A session that had the social network founder front and center answering the community’s questions. The event was promoted on Zuckerberg’s own Facebook Page (using the new LIVE feature for public figure Pages), its own Event Page, and through a form that anyone could use to submit their questions for Zuckerberg to answer.

Many important questions were answered in the hour townhall including topics such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and ways to better connect people across the world. However, none of these topics made waves like the announcement of the ‘Dislike’ button. read more

QuickSprout Infographic Cover Image

We have told you when to post, how to post, and where to post. But we have never talked about why we post or engage on social media.

Until now!

Below you will learn why we like, share, comment, and post on Facebook; all thanks to the infographic we found on QuickSprout.

Why We Like
People may “like” a brand because it’s practical and they will get something in return. 35% will “like” to participate in contests, while 42% “like” to get a coupon or discount. Don’t worry—41% still “like” to just receive regular updates about their favorite brands. read more

Facebook News Feed Update

On July 9th, Facebook once again made an update to our hero and arch nemesis, the News Feed.

This time instead of automatically rolling out the changes to everyone’s Feed, Facebook has turned the controls over to the people by allowing users to be able to choose the hierarchy of the posts they see when they reach the platform.

Back in April we saw some algorithm changes that weren’t so great for businesses using the social platform, but we think there may be some good in the newest update.

Up to this point, Facebook used a page’s ranking to order the posts and stories you see in your Feed. They based this ranking on who you interact with, what kinds of content you tend to like, and what you normally comment on. read more

Message Cover Photo

Technology evolves rapidly – and that speed doubles (or even triples) with respect to the state of social media. Of course, one of our favorite platforms to discuss is Facebook; and fortunately Facebook updates are constant and riveting.

The latest update to share is of interest for consumers and businesses alike with a focus on mobile, messaging, and monetization: Facebook Messenger.

In just the last year, Facebook has periodically enhanced the messaging feature with voice calling, location sharing, emoticons, and photo sharing. And the last update saw the social giant splitting Messenger away from the Facebook mobile app into its own entity. read more

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and agencies alike are constantly searching for the best tools to assist them in making their day-to-day tasks more manageable.

That’s why about a year ago Facebook introduced a tool to do just that; help businesses better manage their Facebook presence with Facebook Business Manager.

If this is your first time hearing about Business Manager, read on to get introduced, see if the tool is right for your business, and decide if the features will meet your social media managing needs. read more

Conversation bubbles

Brands spend a great deal of time attempting to make strong connections with their customers on social media. However, a recent study by Pear Analytics called 40 percent of Twitter messages “pointless babble.”  There was some debate over the accuracy of the study, but whether or not e-commerce brands agree with the findings, it opened the door to discussions about the true value of social media communication.

It is impossible to make every single social media message impactful – there is no way to knock every single message out of the park, every single time. With the right strategy in place, however, e-commerce companies can leverage social media for success.  In order to get the most from social communications, brands should treat outlets like Twitter and Facebook as platforms for real-time engagement, rather than simply a soapbox for self-promotion. read more

CTA Screenshot

It’s always a good day when we can bring you word of new Facebook features that will help your business grow and get you closer to determining a positive return on investment (ROI) for your social media strategy.

Today, we bring to you the news that Facebook has rolled out seven call-to-action buttons you can select to appear on your business Page.

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Starting in the U.S. and planning to be distributed worldwide by next year, these call-to-action buttons were released with the intention of bringing Page admins a better way to reach business objectives. read more


To take your social strategy to the next level, you have to research your customers, your competition, and even yourself to re-strategize your presence on social media.

What most small businesses forget is that you can also learn a lot from researching big brands who don’t operate in your industry. You may not be able to have the same scale of campaigns due to budgetary differences, but you can acquire strategies to apply to your own campaigns.

One of my favorite big brands to look at for this purpose is Coca-Cola. From just the mention of their name, I bet you are imagining a red can with fancy typography – am I right? read more

Social Media Trends Infographic Clip

We are always going to be the first to tell you that visual posts on social media are the most effective.

That’s why we have invested so much time in creating tools like Post Designer and Cover Photo Designer to give you an edge when developing your social media presence.

The fine folks over at Pamorama and Vocus seem to agree with us in their roundup of the social media trends of 2014 – they are all visual components!

Our favorite facts from the infographic below:

– Facebook users upload at least 350 million photos EVERY DAY.
It is suggested to take advantage of this fact by sharing others’ photos to drive engagement. This user generated content is a great way to provide original content about your brand and show interaction with your community. read more


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