Now that your small business has the new Timeline page on Facebook, you may be wondering how to get new eyeballs to look at it. Sure, your current followers and customers will get to see it, but you also want to attract new customers and increase your fan base. You can increase the chances of your small business Timeline page being discovered through random searches by employing a few tactics of search engine optimization (SEO).

Before we dive in with the tips, it should be noted that the world of SEO is constantly evolving, and it would be wise to keep abreast of the latest developments and updates. SEO is not a perfect science, but your small business presence on Facebook can benefit from tinkering with the various aspects that can make it more visible to search engines. read more

Yesterday we asked our Facebook fans what their top Timeline related questions were. We received a lot of questions and today would like to answer them for you:

1. Can I get rid of Timeline or disable it? 

Timeline layout is the new standard format for Fan Pages on Facebook and there is no way to turn it off.

2. Can I still have a default welcome page using Timeline? 

With the new layout change, Facebook removed the option for admins to set default welcome pages. Now all fans will automatically land to your Wall page. Don’t let this discourage you from using custom tabs as they are now more important than ever (but more on that in a little bit). read more

New features just keep on rolling! Today we are announcing that Pagemodo users can now create iFrame tabs.

Not sure what  an iFrame tab is? Simply put, this tab will allow you to pull website content by linking your Pagemodo custom tab to any URL address. For example, if you wanted to display your website directly on your Facebook fan page, now you can! All you have to do is enter your site URL and presto, your fans have direct access right on your fan page. Here’s an example of how Pagemodo’s website would look like within a published iFrame: read more

The new Facebook Timeline layout allows page admins to add milestones, or major events, to be highlighted on their fan pages. Here’s what an example milestone will look like on your page:

How to Add Milestones?

Milestones can be added to your page in several ways:

    1. Via an option available in your status update box:

    2. Clicking anywhere on the Timeline line when a + symbol appears:

    Key Items to Remember:

  1. Milestone posts will automatically be posted in the expanded view on your Timeline wall and are visible by default to everyone.
  2.  Site admins do get an option to “Hide from News Feed” any new milestones that are being added.
  3. If you choose to upload an image that goes along with your milestone, these photos should fit the following dimensions: 843 pixels wide x 403 pixels tall space.
  4. read more


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