When you own a small business, you try to kill two birds with one stone whenever possible. After all, time is money, and small business owners are often short on both.  So when something comes along that helps you toward multiple goals at once, it’s worth looking into. Today that thing is Facebook Wi-Fi.

What is Facebook Wi-Fi?
This service from Facebook allows small business owners to turn their existing internet hardware into a Wi-Fi hot spot that can then be offered as a convenience to their customers. Customers simply connect to your wireless network from their devices, launch a browser, and then automatically arrive at your customized Facebook Wi-Fi check in page. In exchange for checking in at your business, they are granted access to your wireless network. read more

It seems like just yesterday Facebook was introducing a new concept in social advertising. One that leveraged the preferences and activities of members in a user’s social network to promote businesses. What an exciting idea.

And Sponsored Stories were, for a time, a hit with advertisers. However, as with many tools in the tech arena, this one will be unceremoniously discontinued. This may seem like an odd move considering the considerable effectiveness of Sponsored Stories for advertisers. In fact, a report from AdParlor in Business Insider shows Sponsored Stories greatly outpacing Marketplace or inline like ads: read more

Here we are in the final month of 2013 – you made it! As you look back on the successes you’ve had in small business marketing over the past year, we hope that your social media strategy makes the list. It has become an increasingly critical part of any business’s marketing mix – and also we just love social media here at Pagemodo.

So how did our beloved social media fare overall the last 12 months? Here’s a fantastic infographic from Search Engine Journal to give you the whole picture: read more

Since launching the beta version of our new Post Designer tool in early October, we’ve seen an overwhelming positive response – and a lot of great designs.

You’ve probably read the articles and seen the stats by now, but in case you hadn’t heard…visual posts on Facebook are more engaging! To be precise, a Hubspot study found that photos generate 53% more likes, and 104% more comments than the average post. Since not everyone is a photographer or a graphic designer, we created a tool to help you create eye-catching visual posts in a snap. And many of our users have been busy doing just that. read more

Have you suggested Facebook advertising as a strategy for your agency’s clients only to be met with skepticism? If so, we’ve got three insights you can share with them to help overcome their hesitation and convince them to let you add Facebook Ads to their marketing mix.

The statistics you’ll find in these insights come from an infographic created by Facebook based on their own research. You can view the infographic at the bottom of this article.

Your clients should consider Facebook Ads because: read more

For copywriters and spelling nerds the world over, last Thursday was a magical day. Facebook announced that all users now have the ability to edit not only comments, but also the actual content of a post or status update. Glory be.

As someone who lives and breathes copywriting all day long, I have a really hard time ‘turning it off’ even when simply posting a status update on Facebook. I have been known to spend several minutes mulling over the perfect way to phrase something in my head before I even open Facebook on my phone or computer. Does that make me a nerd? Probably, yes. But nonetheless, I’m so excited to never again face the choice between letting a spelling or grammar mistake stand in order to preserve likes and comments, or deleting the post and starting over to correct it. read more

Are you looking for a way to increase the reach of your social posts? How about a simple and seamless way to integrate your social profiles and your blog or website? Then friend, it’s time you explored the world of Embedded Posts.

According to Facebook, Embedded Posts are a way to put public posts – by a Page or a person – into the content of your website or web page. You can now embed public posts posted on Facebook and Google+.

Once embedded and published live, Embedded Posts are fully interactive and display the exact same way as the social platform from which they came. For Facebook posts, that means your Embedded Posts will count reach, comments, can be shared, and grow post and page likes. For Google+ posts, visitors will be able to +1 a post, comment, and follow the page. read more

While doing my usual scan of various social media newsletters and blogs this morning I ran across a great little item that could prove quite useful for those of you looking to improve your visibility on social media. We’ll get into it in more details below. First, a preface:

Not to oversimplify things, but there are really 3 major reasons to create great content for your brand on social media channels:

1. To engage, delight, and build loyalty with your fans and followers
2. To bolster your brand’s rank in search engines through backlinks
3. To gain exposure for your brand through social discovery and amplification read more

We recently wrote that Facebook Ads are an indispensable way to market your company – and if buying patterns are any indication, the industry agrees. And they’re showing it by buying its ads in droves.

Starting September 10th, Facebook will be making changes to its ad units that  improve and simplify them. Why is Facebook messing with something that is clearly working already?

Facebook wants to maximize the return that its ads generate for users. In Facebook’s words: “Simplification is the effort to provide advertisers with a consistent and intuitive experience that leads to effective advertising results.” read more


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