There’s so much visual clutter on the internet these days that when something new pops up, we sometimes don’t notice it. An example of one such newcomer is the AdChoices icon created by the Digital Advertising Alliance. Have you seen him?

This little guy’s purpose is to let internet users know that an ad they are currently seeing has been served up by a third party as a result of their online activity. The icon was launched last January…So why are we talking about it now?

As with most things worth talking about, it has to do with Facebook. read more

In one corner, we have search giant Google, an established brand well-known for search marketing and sponsored ads. In the opposite corner, there is the fast up-and–comer Facebook, which has had relatively little time to create a track record in the growing market of display advertising.

Who is your money on?

With projected display ad revenue of $19.4 billion – compared to Google’s $12.5 billion – it seems plenty of people are betting on Facebook. (See infographic below.)

What sets these two contenders apart is their approach. Facebook relies heavily on an ability to allow advertisers to target their market with staggering precision. Google touts their dominance in media-rich ad possibilities. read more


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