We recently wrote that Facebook Ads are an indispensable way to market your company – and if buying patterns are any indication, the industry agrees. And they’re showing it by buying its ads in droves.

Starting September 10th, Facebook will be making changes to its ad units that  improve and simplify them. Why is Facebook messing with something that is clearly working already?

Facebook wants to maximize the return that its ads generate for users. In Facebook’s words: “Simplification is the effort to provide advertisers with a consistent and intuitive experience that leads to effective advertising results.” read more

Today’s blog post comes from Alfredo Ramos, Pagemodo’s General Manager.

Over the past year we’ve been working closely with many small businesses and organizations to understand the impact of Facebook Ads. Do they actually bring tangible results, or is it all hype? Time and again, we have been impressed with the results. It appears that Facebook Ads are bringing real, exciting, and valuable results to businesses – including Pagemodo. Not only can a Facebook campaign drive awareness through impressions and grow your Facebook Page with new likes, it also generates cost effective sales and/or conversions for your business. read more

Facebook announced last week that they will be making some changes to the ads platform. Many of these changes seem good and intuitive, but there are a few casualties that some small business marketers might be sad to see go. Below we’ve prepared a summary of the changes and a timeline of when they’ll roll out so you can make sure your social media plan is prepared

–> June, 2013

1. The number of Facebook Ad formats will be reduced in order to simplify the process of creating a campaign. Facebook states that they hope this will help marketers test and optimize their campaigns, and improver the experience of Facebook users. read more

If you’re considering adding online advertising to your marketing mix, check out this fascinating infographic created by e-Intelligence. It takes a comprehensive look at Google AdWords and Facebook Ads by the numbers. You’ll definitely want to peruse the whole piece, but here are a few of the most interesting details that stood out to us:

– Looking at global online ad market share, Google dominates by far. But when you pare the sample down to the US, Facebook Ads are actually pulling slightly ahead of Google. read more

There’s so much visual clutter on the internet these days that when something new pops up, we sometimes don’t notice it. An example of one such newcomer is the AdChoices icon created by the Digital Advertising Alliance. Have you seen him?

This little guy’s purpose is to let internet users know that an ad they are currently seeing has been served up by a third party as a result of their online activity. The icon was launched last January…So why are we talking about it now?

As with most things worth talking about, it has to do with Facebook. read more

Until recently, Facebook has used their treasure trove of user data only to display ads within Facebook’s interface itself. It seems imminent, however, that the company will soon extend its reach by creating an external ad network. This speculation comes in light of recent changes to Facebook’s privacy and governance policies.

Yep, the data you’ve been idly supplying to Facebook by the truckload for years could soon help advertisers show you their messages all around the web as you browse.

As AllFacebook reports, there isn’t a clear vision or understanding yet of what this external network will look like. It could be used broadly or narrowly, depending on how willing Facebook is to have users be aware they’re being targeted directly. Stay tuned to your favorite blogs and news sources for updates. read more

Is it just us, or have Facebook’s means for targeting users become a little hard to keep straight?

Luckily, you don’t need a great and powerful wizard to help you find the answers to this one. In this post, we’ll lay out the differences between each of these advertising tools, along with the pros and cons of each. Because the goals and messages of individual companies can vary widely, the opinions about the most effective tools are often contradictory. The best thing to do is look at the summaries below with your business and mind and ask yourself what “success” would mean to you. Clicks? Social Reach? Conversions? It’s different for everyone depending on the goal of the campaign. read more


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