The days of giving clients your email address are long gone. Nowadays, contact forms–particularly contact forms on Facebook pages–are a far more convenient way for people to get in touch with a company. Business owners benefit, too: every form submitted is a new sales leads.

What is the contact form tab?

The contact form is a tab for your Facebook page that lets customers contact you with the click of a button. All of our contact form templates are professionally designed, yet completely customizable: you can choose which fields to display in the form, such as name, phone, email address, company, and message. The info collected from this form gets sent right to your email: read more

Now that you’ve created a brand new, snazzy-looking custom tab for your Facebook page you’ll want to give the tab a name that describes its contents.

For example, maybe you made a tab to share information about your company, so you initially selected “Info” as the tab name. But now you realize that you’d rather call the tab “Our Story.”

Or maybe you chose “Welcome” but would rather call it “Bienvenido” because your customer base mostly speaks Spanish.

Luckily, Facebook allows you to change your tabs’ names to whatever your heart desires. And Pagemodo makes it easy to do so. read more

When I tell people how easy it is to create brilliant custom tabs for their Facebook pages, I can practically hear them thinking “Huh, sounds hard.”

But it’s not.

The Pagemodo process consists of 5 steps, most of which involve either clicking check boxes, uploading files, or typing content.

Let us show you how easy it really is:

Step 1: Choose a Theme

As you probably know, templates are the world’s best shortcut. In the first step, you browse our clean, professional , customizable templates and then click on the perfect one for your business. read more

So you’ve made a beautiful and informative Welcome tab with Pagemodo—smart move! And of course you want to be sure that your custom Welcome tab is the first thing visitors see when they arrive on your business’s Facebook page. In Facebook terms, this is called a “custom default landing tab.”

Good news: Pagemodo automatically sets the first custom tab you create as the  default landing tab for new visitors arriving on your Facebook page. Effortless! And here are a few FAQs about default landing tabs: read more


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