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Well folks, it was fun while it lasted, but Facebook has decided to take down the like gates. Sources including indicate that starting in November, users can no longer be forced to like a page before seeing its content or entering a promotion. While the announcement may be painful to some, it shouldn’t be a surprise: like gates have been decreasing in popularity for some time now. So if you have been relying on them increase followers, it’s time to find a new strategy for social growth. read more

Because the return on investment (ROI) of social media can be a little harder to track than other marketing efforts, it can sometimes feel like you’re stabbing in the dark.

Fortunately, there are new tools and apps for measure social performance popping up all the time (try an quick Google search and you’ll see). Some of the more advanced social platforms like Facebook have their own robust analytics tools built in. Facebook’s Insights are so robust, in fact, that they can be a little overwhelming to look at all at once. So today we’re going to take 4 sections of your Insights dashboard that can be very useful and talk about what you can learn from them. read more

One of the keys to a successful small business social marketing strategy is total coordination between all of your social channels. Not only do you want to maintain consistent content and branding, you should also try to cross-pollinate between channels wherever possible.

With this in mind, Pagemodo introduces two new custom tab templates designed to bring your Instagram and Pinterest content seamlessly into your small business Facebook page. These new additions make Pagemodo an even more effective dashboard for all of your social media activity. read more

We just love it when smart people use their skills to create free tools that make people’s lives easier. No, we’re not talking about the Pagemodo developers today (though we still love you all); the tool we’re referring to here was created by Paavo Schmid of Germany, and it can be used to check your Facebook Cover Photo for compliance.

You may recall that we recently posted about Facebook loosening up the restrictions on Cover Photo content. The new guidelines go like this:

All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. Covers may not include images with more than 20% text. read more

By now you know that having custom tabs as part of your Facebook business page is a great way to market your business. What we’re going to do over the next few blog posts is give a more detailed look at how your custom tabs can benefit specific business types. Today’s post will review service providers. We’ll discuss below how to create custom tabs that best showcase a service provider’s business.

Service providers are a broad category. They basically include people who “service”, that is they are people who offer services as opposed to goods (though sometimes they may offer goods as part of their general service). Service providers include healthcare professionals, plumbers, hair stylists, lawyers, photographers, air conditioner repairers etc. read more

Facebook is in the midst of unrolling a lot of changes, some of which affect business Facebook pages.

Here’s a rundown of what page admins like you need to know:

  • The News Feed Ticker. A “ticker” now exists on the right-hand side of personal profiles to feature real-time updates from friends and brands. This is good for your business! Let’s say you post about a new product and then, two days later, a fan comments on your post. The post with its new comment will appear in your fans’ tickers, thereby bringing your “old” content back into the spotlight. In other words, your posts will have a longer shelf life thanks to the news feed ticker.
  • Goodbye Discussions and Reviews. Facebook will be discontinuing these two tabs around 10/31/11.
  • Total Reach Metrics. Facebook’s analytics tool, Page Insights, is adding new metrics that aim to show the “total reach” of your page:
    • People Talking About This will be a number formulated by adding up all of your likes, comments, and shares. This number will be publicly displayed on your page!
    • Friends of Fans multiplies the number of fans your page has times the number of friends they have (and subtracts any overlap). This shows the potential reach of your fan base’s connections. You can think of it as your secondary circle, which contains the next group of people to engage with. If your brand has 472,000 fans, it may have 145 million friends of fans.
    • Goodbye Static FBML Tabs. Facebook will begin deprecating these tabs around 1/1/12, and FBML apps will no longer work by June 2012. But that’s no sweat off your back, because you use Pagemodo to make your custom tabs!

    And One Prediction:

    As you may have heard, personal profiles will soon be transformed to a “timeline” format that emphasizes storytelling and photos. Will timelines come to business Facebook pages as well? Possibly. A little bird told us Facebook may apply the “timeline” format to pages’ “Info” tab…though Pagemodo users won’t have to worry about this, as they can create snazzy, dynamic “Info” and “About Us” and “Welcome” tabs with Pagemodo in a matter of minutes. read more

When I tell people how easy it is to create brilliant custom tabs for their Facebook pages, I can practically hear them thinking “Huh, sounds hard.”

But it’s not.

The Pagemodo process consists of 5 steps, most of which involve either clicking check boxes, uploading files, or typing content.

Let us show you how easy it really is:

Step 1: Choose a Theme

As you probably know, templates are the world’s best shortcut. In the first step, you browse our clean, professional , customizable templates and then click on the perfect one for your business. read more

If you’re a small business operating in the 21st century, you need a Facebook page to get the fans, buzz, and customers you deserve. Did you know that 53% of online Americans “liked” a Facebook page in the past two months?

Let me walk you through the process of creating a Facebook page.

How to Make a Facebook Page:

1.  Go to “Create a Page” on Facebook:

2.  Choose a page type. Facebook offers 6 types of business pages and each one has a slightly different layout. If you aren’t sure which type best describes your business, it may help to look at the category lists (click the page type to see its category options). For this example, I’ll pick “Brand or Product”
3.  Pick a category from the drop-down list of options. Below, I chose “Jewelry/Watches” as the category: read more


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