Today’s post comes from Deanna, the intrepid manager of Pagemodo’s own social media presence. 

As you know, social media has become quite an enticing channel for marketing. Not only does it cater to the analysts with its vast amounts of data, it also offers an outlet for the more creative types. So why are most small business owners hesitant to share their voice? eMarketer reports over 1.73 billion people updating their profiles on hundreds of social networks worldwide; and since Facebook’s algorithm has changed almost daily, we understand it can be quite intimidating.

Luckily, you have already made a step in the right direction by visiting Pagemodo for social media advice. We have taken on the task of scouring the Internet in order to make social a little more approachable.

Here we bring you 8 tips, summarized from Marketwired, to strategically build your brand:

  1. Determine Goals for Your Social Engagement: Is your primary focus going to be on generating leads and converting sales? Or will you focus on customer service and building relationships? Knowing your end goal is important in guiding you through the rest of these tips.
  2. Determine Your Social Brand Persona: Focus on your values and mission to differentiate your business to start, then be wary of how this compares to your offline and traditional media voice. As marketers, we know how important it is to stay consistent across all platforms, and that does not change for social. Remember: while tone may change between LinkedIn and Twitter, you should keep to similar themes and content.
  3. Decide on Your Platforms: Apply the same methodology from Tip #1 – what is your primary focus and which platform will help you reach those goals?  You don’t have to have a presence on every platform, just on the ones where you can make a meaningful impact to your audience’s community. Monitoring tools like Sysomos Heartbeat will bring insight to where your customers are and what they are saying on those platforms to help you in your decision.
  4. Get a Social Community Manager: This person should be thought as an all-knowing manager. Not only should they be “connected” with the basic understanding of the networks, but they should be well-versed in your business practices and brand voice. They often are described as “A Jack of all Trades” presented in the chart below (click image to view larger).

  5. Take Control of Your Customer Service: First and foremost, always keep a pulse on the cadence of your brand throughout the space. If negative comments do surface, never delete negative feedback. It is more strategic to show the community how you deal with negative attention and how you go about solving it. This can turn negatives into positives and naysayers into ambassadors.
  6. Have a Predetermined Crisis Plan: Strive to plan for the unexpected. How do you do this? Keep up with real-time information, make sure you are listening to where the problem truly lies, and keep to your voice you established in Tip #2. There are even ways to be alerted when negative keywords pop-up in conversations, but it is best to address a situation head-on if you see a crisis before your customers do. Be proactive vs. reactive.
  7. Build Relationships with the Media: Finding journalists or bloggers who fit with your brand voice can enhance your credibility. Sharing, retweeting, or offering your ‘expert’ opinion on stories they share will display your knowledge and plant seeds for growing your audience and awareness of your brand.
  8. Find Influencers: Social influencers have a lot of clout, are frequently reposted or retweeted, and are incredibly socially active. Try to build a relationship with these users to encourage them to post positively about your brand. This will organically build your audience from their devoted readers. To quote Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come.”

We hope this helps you get started! Which tip do you think you may have the hardest time implementing? How else could we help you along?

Let us know in the comments!

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha the Retention Marketing Coordinator for Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. Can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech.

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