Attention social media managers: scheduling your social media posts just got even easier. Today, you can visit the App Store and download the free Pagemodo social media manager app!

If you’re currently a Pagemodo Posts user, then you already know all the cool features this app will offer. But, if you are new to the crew, here’s what you can expect…

Pagemodo App Features

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn
From either your iPhone or iPad you will be able to find, schedule, and share content on the go. With a simple Facebook sign-in you can connect your personal and business accounts to Pagemodo in order to maintain your social presence away from the desk.

The clean interface makes it simple to switch between accounts and know exactly which profile you are posting to – especially useful for agencies with multiple profiles to manage.

Pagemodo App Profiles Screenshot

If you allow access to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, the content you decide to post can be shared on one network or to any combination of the three simultaneously.

Post right away, or add to your Pagemodo Posts queue
It’s summertime, which means it is the start of vacation season; and just because social media never sleeps or takes a vacation, doesn’t mean social media managers shouldn’t.

That’s why Pagemodo makes it easy to add content to share later. With the Pagemodo Posts queue you can schedule every post right away, later that day, or for any time in the future (sorry no backdating posts here).

One of my favorite features is that your posting schedule is automatically synced with your Pagemodo account. So even if I use Pagemodo on my desktop to schedule a post for the weekend, I can see which posts are coming up right from my phone! This makes it easy to edit or cancel any posts without needing to find a computer.

Pagemodo App Schedule Editing Screenshot

Create any combination of a link, image, or text-only post
As successful social marketers, we know that sharing a variety of content is the key to engagement with our audience. We need to share infographics, facts, links to surveys, and more to keep our fans, followers, and connections engaged.

In which case, Pagemodo’s mobile app gives you the ability to share a link, image, and/or text just as you would on the desktop version. I really like having this flexibility on my phone, especially when I visit my queue to make updates after I see how my previous posts have performed.

Build a post from scratch, or share content while browsing the web
Social media managers are often tech savvy so they can navigate and manipulate the content they share with their audience. Therefore, they are no strangers to the ‘copy-and-paste’ function when sharing links from across the web.

However, Pagemodo wanted to make this function more seamless than a keyboard shortcut with our new mobile app!

By adding the Pagemodo extension, you can quickly share and post links to content you discover while surfing Safari and using other favorite apps.

Pagemodo App Extension Screenshot

Another favorite feature is that when you share a webpage to Pagemodo it will auto-populate the image field with images found on the website you are attempting to share. While this is also available on the desktop version, because you are on mobile you can also replace the images with photos from your phone (for a bit of original content).

Pagemodo App Photos Screenshot

Optimize your posting strategy with key post analytics
Finally, what good would a social media managing app be if it didn’t report on the performance of your posts?

You can find the analytics of all your posts in your ‘Post History.’ The snapshot of your stats will include metrics such as likes, clicks, and shares to paint you a picture of the success of the post you shared.

The app may not be the best method to sit down and create a report on your social campaign, but it is a great way to do a quick check-up every now and then to see how an important campaign or post is doing for you.

All in all, I am most excited about this Pagemodo app because it comforts me to have more control over my social media content. It is very important to me (as I’m sure it is for most social media marketers) to know my posts are successfully published, with the proper photos and links, and everything spelled correctly.

The ability to edit and improve those posts or respond to trending topics to participate in real-time marketing is a luxury that I am excited to have. I am also delighted to be able to see the full landscape of my upcoming and recent social media posts in Pagemodo’s mobile app as I go about my day.

Are you ready to get started with the Pagemodo app? Download it here.

About the Author: Deanna Zaucha is the Senior Specialist of Content Marketing for Webs and Pagemodo, and also manages our social media presence. She can be found on a dance floor, or on her iPhone keeping up with trends in marketing and tech. Get more from Deanna on Pagemodo’s Blog and Twitter.


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