Have you suggested Facebook advertising as a strategy for your agency’s clients only to be met with skepticism? If so, we’ve got three insights you can share with them to help overcome their hesitation and convince them to let you add Facebook Ads to their marketing mix.

The statistics you’ll find in these insights come from an infographic created by Facebook based on their own research. You can view the infographic at the bottom of this article.

Your clients should consider Facebook Ads because:

1. Facebook has a huge audience that is engaged with the platform. There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook, and they spend more than twice the amount of time (6.5 hours/month) there than they do on the next most popular platform, Google.

2. Facebook’s accurate targeting saves money. Other publishers have a combined average targeting accuracy of 77%, while Facebook’s is up around 94%. Facebook estimates that this results in 47% advertising cost savings. That also means a 35% lower cost per conversion than the average online paid platforms.

3. Facebook can offer a higher return on investment. As you saw above, Facebook Ads allow marketers to spend less, but get more in return. Facebook studied over 60 Facebook Ad campaigns and found that 70% of them had at least a 3 times greater return on ad spend on Facebook compared to other platforms.

If your clients are still not convinced to give Facebook Ads a try, here’s a handy infographic you can show them:

About the Author: Sarah Matista is the Online Content Specialist and resident blogger at Pagemodo. Loves social media, branding, whales. Get more from Sarah on Pagemodo’s Blog and Google+.

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