They’ve done it again: Facebook released another update to your News Feed. Over the past two years, there have been numerous revisions to the News Feed algorithm, all with the focus of making it more customer-centric and user-friendly. Following the F8 Summit earlier this month, it’s no surprise that new features are being implemented quickly and often. To summarize the changes, Facebook stated the following in its April 21 announcement,

“As we work to improve News Feed, we make updates to help make sure you see the most relevant stories at the top.” read more

The past year has been a busy one in the evolution of Facebook’s News Feed. There have been a number of updates – small and large – that have contributed to a better overall experience for Facebook users, but ever-declining organic reach for the brands attempting to connect with them.

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Wondering where all your impressions went this year? You’re not alone. In order to make sense of the changes that have led to the current state of affairs for business Facebook pages, we’ve put together a simple infographic that tracks the timeline of the News Feed evolution over the past 12 months. Check it out below, and keep reading for details on each update! read more

On July 9th, Facebook once again made an update to our hero and arch nemesis, the News Feed.

This time instead of automatically rolling out the changes to everyone’s Feed, Facebook has turned the controls over to the people by allowing users to be able to choose the hierarchy of the posts they see when they reach the platform.

Back in April we saw some algorithm changes that weren’t so great for businesses using the social platform, but we think there may be some good in the newest update.

Up to this point, Facebook used a page’s ranking to order the posts and stories you see in your Feed. They based this ranking on who you interact with, what kinds of content you tend to like, and what you normally comment on. read more

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, your organic reach might soon be affected by updates to Facebook’s News Feed algorithms. If your organic reach took a beating after the recent crackdown on promotional content, or is still recovering from last year’s post-update reachageddon, your ears may have pricked up in April when the blogosphere lit up with mentions of yet another algorithm change on Facebook.

So, what’s the latest news for your Facebook business page? According to Facebook’s product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors, there are actually three things that are about to change about the Facebook News Feed algorithm: read more

They say the only things that are certain in life are death and taxes. We’d like to propose an addition to that list: Facebook updates. Last week, Facebook began rolling out changes to the News Feed , quickly followed by yesterday’s announcement of changes to the look of business Pages. To save you the time of scouring the web for details on these updates, we’ll summarize the key takeaways below and how they affect you: 1. Photos are getting bigger. When Facebook experimented last year with a redesigned timeline and then a redesign of mobile page layout, they found that people responded well to the larger photo treatment. So with this new version of the News Feed, photos are getting even bigger, stretching the whole width of the post area.  – How does this affect you? As photos get bigger billing in the News Feed, other types of posts will fade to the background. So if you have not already implemented a more visual posting strategy, this would be the time to start. If you’re looking to up your image and graphics game, check out the recent release of Post Designer. 2. Page details are front-and-center We’re delighted to see that this update brings business details to the front of the Page experience, so your visitors no longer have to look through your “About” section to find things like your name, products, and contact details. This information will now be positioned on the left column or your Timeline, and your posts will be confined to the right hand side. – How does this affect you? Update your details! There’s an unspoken expectation that a business’ Facebook page is more up-to-date than a website might be. So meet that expectation by making sure that all your latest info and contact details are correct. 3. Pages To Watch is released to all admins This feature is something that we almost can’t believe exists, but we’re glad that it does. Found in your insights tab, Pages To Watch allows you to essentially spy on other business Pages that you are curious about – most likely your competitors. In the “Overview” section, you can take a peek are the page’s total likes, new likes, number of posts this week, and their engagement this week. Under the “Posts” section, you can look at the Page’s most engaging posts from the past week. – How does this affect you?We’d suggest using this feature to imitate the posting habits of your most successful competitors. Inversely, you can also make sure to avoid the pitfalls of competitors you don’t think are doing a great job. Do a little research into Pages that perform well in your space, add them to the list, and keep an eye on the number and types of Posts they share, and the kind of engagement numbers they see. Then, tweak your own strategy to maximize results. What are you most excited or unsettled about with regard to Facebook’s recent changes? Let us know in the comments below. read more

Checking social media platforms is an hourly, if not more frequent, habit of many people today. They want to know who is posting what, and upon waking up in the morning, they’re eager to see what was missed while in their REM cycles. For Instagram users, it takes some time to scroll through your entire feed, but it is entertaining to see the litany of photos, videos and comments that were generated while away from the app.

However, Instagram wants you to see the best of the best, and is working on a new concept for your feed. Just like Facebook and, more recently, Twitter, have adopted algorithms for feeds and timelines, Instagram wants to curate your feed based off of data collected within the app. Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO of Instagram told The New York Times: read more

Following the redesign of Twitter’s browser layout, the social network has taken a lot of flack for imitating Facebook too closely. Well if you were mad at Twitter for the new layout, get ready to get peeved all over again. The company announced last week that they’ve begun rolling out a new “mute” feature that might remind you of the follow/unfollow button on Facebook that allows users to hide the activity of their friends without having to un-friend them. Because who needs that awkwardness, right? read more

We are very excited today to be bringing you some good news about your Facebook page’s potential for organic reach! Being the bearer of bad news is no fun – like when text only updates got the boot, or organic reach declined – so this is a welcome opportunity.

This week, Facebook announced a new capability that will allow brands to potentially show up in the News Feeds of users who do not follow them, provided they are talking about something or someone that user does follow. In the words of Product Manager Andrew Song; read more

Instagram announced last week that your full feed is now available on the web; no longer just on your smartphone. Why is this useful, you ask? Perhaps your phone battery has died and you really need to see how that dinner your sister was cooking turned out. Or maybe you just want to see that expression on your roommate’s cat’s adorable face in full resolution?

Okay, okay, all jokes aside, this full-size Instagram feed is actually pretty neat. Not only can you see a matrix of all your images in their full glory – as you could before when Instagram launched web profiles – now you can see all the activity from your friends as well. While your web profile is still located at[Username], your feed can be found by simply logging in at read more

Whether you’re an established operation or a brand-new startup, social media can supply a wealth of knowledge, resources, and profits for your business. One of the most worthwhile ways companies can use these networks to improve their performance today is to sell products.

Capitalizing on your various social profiles when you’re looking to move product is one of the best ways to make a sale. Whether you’re trying to make a quick sale in real estate or you’re launching a new business venture with an entirely new line of items, social media can assist you in many different ways. Here are just a few. read more


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